Sunday Selections – Thirst Quencher…


The other week when I was at the park (remember the duck post from last Sunday) I noticed something new set off to one side – thought it was a horse hitching post to begin with lol


Let’s just say I wasn’t far off because the words on the tin dog say ‘Dog Parking’

A dog hitching post along with a doggy drinking fountain 🙂


It’s in a shady spot (under some trees) near some open ground not far from the duck pond and the children’s playground – so will be a good resting place while the ‘kids’ are having fun.

Looks like the local council are actually putting some of our rates towards decent projects for a change.

Sunday Selections is a meme hosted and o-ordinated by River at Drifting through Life as a means of showing photos thta have not previously been feautured on the blog.

Our ISP has been giving us grief this week so there have been few posts here at Still Waters. Here’s hoping this will actually be published and you’ll forgive me for putting up another ‘picture post’ today

10 thoughts on “Sunday Selections – Thirst Quencher…

  1. It is always nice to see this kind of improvement. 🙂 Our council is building a path around Jervis Bay at the moment, or at least they are trying to.

    Our council is not the brightest bulb on the tree to be honest, plus in NSW they do not know how to make roads at all. Perhaps because it is 2015 now they think this is Back to the Future and as Doc said, where we’re going, we don’t need roads. I wish we did not need them, because the amount of potholes in our local roads are very disturbing to car tyres..

    I will have to take the Sunday Selections people on a walk around Jervis Bay at some point, I think.. 🙂 it will take a while, maybe that could be a project for 2016.. 🙂


  2. That’s a great idea! Around here, well, most of the city actually, many people put large bowls with fresh water outside their homes or businesses for the dogs.


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