Forever in Blue Jeans………….

I love pressies when they come looking like this – and when the actual time to use them comes I love them even more 🙂

A darling daughter combined Christmas and Birthdays and gifted this event to me and The Golfer


imageSo we couldn’t not go could we 🙂

The stage looked good – even when the rest of the crowd turned up.


imageAnd – even better still when the man of the moment arrived!

image image‘What a beautiful noise’
Loud ones – soft ones – fast ones – slow ones – we loved them all
It’s the sound that we love even more when sung in person in front of a mostly ‘mature age’ audience who loved it all first time round.

imageAn evening with Mr Diamond, what more could anyone want, with ‘Sweet Caroline’ being one of the encore numbers we all went home singing and feeling good (plus wondering where those 40 odd years went to)


That was Tuesday evening and here it is Friday morning and I’m still humming away while I think about doing the washing – and the blue jeans I wore are in the pile.

16 thoughts on “Forever in Blue Jeans………….

  1. What a fabulous gift! It must have been wonderful seeing the great man himself singing all those wonderful songs. Like you, I too often wonder where those 40 years have gone! Lol


  2. Not my sort of music but I would have enjoyed the show simply because he is a terrific artist and entertainer. It sounds like you had a great night and how much reminiscing happened on the way home?


  3. What a great gift!!
    Neil Diamond is in concert here tomorrow night, but I’ll be missing it. A friend of mine is soon leaving us, moving far away (not too far) and tomorrow night the six of us are having a get-together dinner to say goodbye.


  4. Awww, wish I could have been there! I love Neil Diamond, and am so happy he is still performing. Many of that generation have stopped doing that. I watched a documentary about Glen Campbell last night (He has Alzheimers, but still went on tour), and I was so saddened to see such a talent diminished.


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