Sunday Selections – Cruising down the river…..

On a sunny afternoon at the local park 🙂


Pacific Black Ducks
Despite being predominantly brown, the Pacific Black Duck has always been known as the ‘black duck’. Its only black plumage is a bold stripe that runs across the bird’s face, from its bill to behind its eye, giving it a distinctively striking pattern. It has been claimed that the duck appears as though it is black when seen at a distance

Black or brown they all definitely look healthy and content


And there’s the stripe on the top of the head


A cozy corner in the pond to get away from it all!


Mumma Duck leads the way guiding this years younger generation


Now stay close by – remember what i told you about stranger danger


Sunday Selections is meme co-ordinated by River at Drifiting through Life as a means of showing photos not already featured on the blog

Also linking with Michelle’s weekly meme Nature Notes

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14 thoughts on “Sunday Selections – Cruising down the river…..

  1. Pretty pond and I do love Mama ducks and ducklings… Cathy thank you for the info on bats in your country. I know what I know about bats here from my late friend who was a wildlife rehabber with a specialty in bats and from my sister who is a vet. Here brown bats are considered a rabies vector species and everyone must take care. It is interesting that the second virus is in the same viral family as our rabies. The first one seems to have a vaccine for horses so they can’t pass it on to people. But there is so much we don’t know and can’t control about viruses. Thank you for educating me on the fruit bats…Michelle


  2. I love watching ducks – especially as they socialise with ducklings and others. Your photos are beautiful. Every blessing


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