I opened a book…..

'That book is still floating around the system.'

Not quite the same expression one of our lovely local librarians came out with when she was trying to find a book that wasn’t where it was supposed to be.  Here’s the ‘clean’ version –  ‘People can be quite annoying, they pick up a book intending to borrow it, change their mind and shelf it any just old where’.  I think she was a little frazzled because some local primary school children had tested her patience earlier that morning.  I heard from a friend who’d been there at the time, they’d been right little ‘know it alls’ and the teacher hadn’t been much use either lol


After not being able to find the book I was looking for she then tried to get me interested in ebooks – no luck there either lol.  I’m trying to lose myself again I said, the words might be the same but they won’t appeal to me if they are written on a hard bit of plastic rather than a real book.  My mother always said once I got my nose in a book I was lost to the world – somehow you can’t get your nose into a piece of plastic the way you can a real book. 🙂


It was those same words of my mum’s that popped  into my mind when I came across this lovely little illustration on fb the other day.  I asked ‘Mr G’ about the words and he told me they are from a lovely poem written by children’s author Julia Donaldson, who among many things was Children’s Laureate 2011-2013

imageThey are the first two lines of the poem entitled ‘I Opened a Book’ included in Crazy Mayonnaisy Mum, an anthology of children’s poems published by MacMillan 2004.

Read these delightful words slowly and I bet you will have a knowing smile on your face by the end.


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5 thoughts on “I opened a book…..

  1. She is so very right.
    I am fat with books (among other things).
    Like you, I am not fond of e-books. I will read them if I have no choice, but I do like the feel, the weight, the smell of what I continue to consider ‘real’ books.


  2. I haven’t gotten into e-books yet. Although I just started reading a digital version of the newspaper and I do like it. I also get the hard copy version.


  3. The picture and quote of the little girl makes me think of when I was about seven years old….myself and a book went inside one of those metal sheds and held up for long enough that my mum got worried. The neighbors were all out helping her look for me though I didn’t hear a thing, so focused in the story. When I emerged she nearly killed me and didn’t believe me as to where and what I was up to. She couldn’t believe I wouldn’t hear them yelling for me. I was just lost in the book!


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