Some well known facts…..

As soon as I put something in my mouth someone, namely The Golfer, will ask me a question and then point a camera in my direction lol

My mother taught me  ‘It’s rude to talk with your mouth full’ hence The Look 🙂image

If you leave some food for others there’s always a chance there’ll be more for you – if they aren’t that hungry that is 🙂


Doesn’t matter what shape or colour these pretty little things are – if they taste good in your mouth you can be sure they are bad for you lol


 And it doesn’t matter what form chocolate comes in – it will make you feel good 🙂




10 thoughts on “Some well known facts…..

  1. Oh my I could do some serious damage to those cakes,naughty but nice! your golfer is just like the waiters here I am sure they wait for you to fill your mouth and pounce asking if the meal is ok! x Dawn


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