Full of the Joys of Spring

Spring came to visit today – she brought her friend ‘Joy’ with her as well 🙂

It was such a great day, so different to the ferociously hot ones we had early in the month or ‘back to Winter’ cold ones that came with the cool change, both of which seemed to be accompanied with really strong winds.  Today was still, warm and sunny, pleasant temperatures (overnight 10c/50f going up to about 21c/nearly 70f) with not a cloud in the sky.  No need for the bistro blinds and no need for the shade blinds either lol

 Determined to make full use of it I wandered down to the park – I’m embarrassed to say my first walk since we got home last month.  Today could be the start of something big – like a change of attitude!

Anyway there were so many others out and about, dogs and children along with adults of all shapes and sizes, smiles on faces, heads up acknowledging others as they walked past I began to wonder if ‘Joy’ had been been working overtime during the night weaving her happiness and energy spell all over the neighbourhood.  Even the mumma ducks in the pond were looking around ready to say ‘hello’ and introduce their little ones to anyone who came near 🙂

Most of the photos were taken from afar – so click to enlarge




But that feeling of ‘Joy’, that energy and happiness, was best displayed by this Border Collie I saw off to one side in the ‘off leash’ area of the reserve.  ‘He’ is calm but seems to knows something good is going to happen.


Sitting and waiting – anticipating


And here is the moment he has been waiting for


So from now on there should be no excuses for me not to get up and go

That happiness and energy spell

aka ‘The Joys of Spring’ is here to stay for a while

I shall think like the Collie

Approach with enthusiasm, Anticipate the pleasure, and Enjoy 🙂

7 thoughts on “Full of the Joys of Spring

  1. It was a lovely day. Like you. Really must motivate myself to walk more. Now the road is bitumen I don’t have to worry about dust nice pics xx


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