A few little words….

Every now and again I find a sentence in a book I’m reading that sticks in my mind.  Words that jump out at me, ones that paint a picture, one I can understand, visualise, relate to.

Here’s three I came upon this past two weeks

Some internal explosion seemed to have driven a thousand broken blood vessels against the inside of his cheeks.

MAESTRO by Peter Goldsworthy

~ ~ ~ ~

I didn’t want to spend my time sweating at the stove , everything eaten by half past twelve and not a thing to show for it.

SARAH THORNHILL by Kate Grenville

~ ~ ~ ~

Also (thanking her) for keeping it down (the noise) while the poisonous afterglow of all that Barossa shiraz had its wicked way with him.

ERYIE by Tim Winton

~ ~ ~ ~

I’d be very happy if I could write words someone could relate to

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