We’ve been home for a few days now and after the initial shock of the much lower temps as well as trying to get the washing dry under cover courtesy of the cold wet ‘welcome home’ weather life in the suburbs is happening again.  Being near the end of September I didn’t think I’d be wearing the same weight winter clothes as before we left but thanks to the ‘one up there’ who is in charge of Melbourne’s fickle weather that wasn’t to be. The weekend did bring two warmish spring like days – great I thought, now to show off my tan – Ha Ha that was a short lived thought as I was back to tracky daks and a fleece top today lol

It was time to come home – no matter how much fun I’m having 8/9 weeks away is my limit.  It’s not that I don’t miss the house, people or routine – it’s more the feel of where we live.  The local environs, the treed areas, the closeness of the hills.

Whether I see them from a distance – close to Yarra Glen


Or closer to home – approaching Croydon on Mt Dandenong Road

Nearly home

In Montrose and close to Boronia

Montrose Dandenongs War Memorial May 2015


From the end of our street


And even for a short time during Winter and Spring when the leaves are gone (or just emerging) from next door’s Oak tree – if I look really hard over the garage roof and through the branches – from the laundry room window 🙂



The Dandenongs – they spell home to me 🙂



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  1. Seeing the familiar scenes as you get closer to home, does make a warm feeling in your gut. There is no place better than home. 😉


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