Living life the way it should be………………..

First of all I have to say I don’t usually take photos of people behind their backs and when they are unaware I’m taking them but some thing caught my eye in the park this morning that just couldn’t pass by without maybe a little laugh on my part.

There is a young couple camped just down the way from us – not tent camping but in one of those trailer affairs that unfolds into a tent.  When I went outside first thing this morning I noticed the young girl setting up a table – next thing she pops a small cloth on and proceeds to set the table for breakfast.  Nothing unusual about that – things look so quiet and peaceful (and safe in the knowledge I wouldn’t be seen) I just had to snap her as she was pouring a cup of tea.  Oblivious to all the others parked around her she really was enjoying her breakfast.


As I went back inside I looked at her from another angle – and had a chuckle.  Her milk was in the most elegant milk jug – the 2litre milk carton it came in from the supermarket. 🙂image

I love it when others enjoy life the way they are used to living it.

(Ignore the rubbish bins – they are a necessary evil when living this way and are emptied every morning.  Also the photo is deceiving because they are nowhere near where she in sitting)

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  1. In another lifetime we used to camp, but with a passel of kids. There was never such a peaceful breakfast scene. I may have enjoyed it better then. 🙂


  2. Your photos and commentary bring back so many memories of childhood camping trips in tents — sometimes in the mountains, sometimes at the beach — with the white gas stove for cooking, and hot chocolate made with canned milk, and Coleman lanterns hissing at night. I love the photos of your travels. Beautiful country.


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