He’s a big boy now……

Or is he ?

My love has a red red nose
A cough and sore throat too
I gave him the chest rub in a container coloured blue
Irish Moss that makes you go ‘yuk’ as it slides down your throat
making its way to your toesimage

As well as honey and lemon along with paracetemol to drink
There are tissues beside the lip cream to use I think

To hear him last night you would think he was at ‘deaths door’
It’s a cold I told him
Rest up – keep warm – read, drink liquids,
You’ve had one before 🙂

Today is Monday – golf takes place on Wednesday and Friday
My love’s other name is The Golfer.

This is the weather forecast for the week – for the golf course area
A half an hour drive away and slightly cooler than where we live


Look at Wednesday – it will be 4c/40f overnight with a slight risk of frost!
(Bl** cold as far as I’m concerned)

The course is in the foothills of The Great Dividing Range surrounded by trees, they (him and his other old golfing mates) tee off before 10am.  Even tho’ it says mostly sunny and the high forecast is 13c/55f it certainly wont have warmed up by then especially with a 90% chance of rain.

Oh dear, I certainly didn’t say the right thing when I suggested he ring the others and tell them he ‘might’ not be there on Wednesay.

I thought he was a ‘Big Boy’ ‘
grown up and accepting of all things thrown in his way

From the semi tantrum I witnessed then
Maybe not lol

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18 Replies to “He’s a big boy now……”

  1. Loved this post Cathy! Oh dear, these Golfers do get so upset don’t they? Mine has been known to struggle to the course to play with fevers/colds/torn muscles etc, but his most recent was insisting he was alright to play golf on a Sunday after being hospitalised on the Friday for 6 hours with food poisoning (not from what I’d cooked! Lol). He did regret that day afterwards though :-/


  2. Are any of them Big Boys when they get sick? I think mine is the worst baby – you would think we didn’t know what it felt like to be sick or in pain. I hope he gets over it soon enough. Doesn’t sound like Wednesday morning is going to be good for him. :/

    Hang in there!


  3. All too familiar. Mind you, all our temperatures for this week will start in negative territory.
    My himself is leaning strongly towards getting up at the crack of noon.


  4. There is literally nothing worse than a sick husband. It’s easier to be sick yourself! LOL! Here’s hoping he doesn’t give you his germs!


    1. How right you are Pauline – cold as ice this morning. We’ll be on the road 2 weeks this Friday! Bowen here we come 🙂


      1. The forecast looks good for next week, sun symbols every day on tonight’s TV forecast. Had quite a bit of rain this week so maybe it is now going to be fine for the rest of winter…


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