I’m beginning to think I definitely need help…………

Oh my goodness I’m beginning to wonder if Monday is a guilt trip day.  I’ve spent all weekend wondering about something that happened  last week.

Many of you know I enjoy visiting our local animal feed/fodder store – the family run one with the drive through premises, the one that has a resident rooster along with some roaming chooks who all battle for attention, as well as a lovely shop dog called Zoe who loves to come and say hello and then alerts the ‘boss’ to the fact there’s someone in the shop.  (They do know, it’s just a little game she plays lol).  It is close to home, so easy to get to, all I have to do is drive in, say hello to Zoe, open the boot and the large bags of litter are dropped in for me.  As I said – it’s so easy, so pleasant , so reassuring.

One of our girls uses the same brand of litter and mentioned a ‘large place’ had started carrying that brand and had a special I might be interested in.  Not right on my doorstep but as I was over that way the other day I had a look.  There was no parking close by, the staff weren’t exactly helpful (it’s down there pointing way down the barn), similar to this.image


I had to get a trolley, load it myself – as in heave the big bags (30L) from a pile onto the trolley then wheel it up to the counter to be scanned.  Doesn’t end there!  The place was on a higher level than the car park so I had to manouvre the flat trolley (no sides) down a ramp and then load  into the boot.  I did ask but no-one could leave the shop/barn to help me. 😦


Even though I got a very good bargain by buying more than one bag at a far better price than I would have down the road (no discount) I felt really annoyed as I drove home.

Even though I’ve been a loyal customer for quite a few years I know my purchase wouldn’t have been a make or break one for the Fodder Shop.

So why do I have these feelings of guilt?   Help – I’m stuck for an answer.

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  1. It is up to you. If you want the service, you pay a bit or a lot more. Is it worth it to you to pay a bit more? It is your money. You decide where it is best spent.


  2. Exploring outside our usual rounds is beneficial. Keep doing that.
    We often find that we have the best deal where we are. I’d stick with the drive through pet food place. For me I would fear an accident guiding that flatbed down a ramp. I also avoid heavy lifting if possible as I want my knees to stay good.
    But sometimes we find something even more to our liking. Go with it.
    Guilt is a waste of your time. Life is too precious now to waste on this.


  3. By the sounds of it – you prefer your old place. Go with your gut. (Not your back or knees)


  4. You tried a different place we all do it but your local lace sounds the best option for you and I think we arr all creatures of habbit,if the other place had the same service as well as saving money then I would say go with that one. x Dawn


  5. If I knew where my guilty button was I would disconnect it. Permanently. It gives me grief (sometimes a LOT of grief) and I can’t think of anything positive it has ever brought me.
    I suspect I would be going back to the first place – but that it because I value service more than money most of the time. Your decision though.


  6. For me, shopping is only partially about money, but I also weigh in experience, etc. Obviously the local place is a more pleasant experience, and if you pay a little more for it, well, that has worth.

    I feel that way about my food store. There is a man who works there who always helped me get the twins in the store when they were little or the groceries out to the car. It made a difference. I still shop there even though I have other options in the area. Every once in a while I go into those other stores for one product, but the first store has my loyalty.


  7. I think your local place sounds great. If you have to drive further tp get a bargain, the cost of gas has to be considered. I still go to a small hardware store when I need that sort of thing because I don’t even have to look for what I want. Someone askes me what I need and they go get it . . . and not becaise I’m old. They do it for everyone.


  8. You feel guilt because you have grown to care about the little shop you frequent and you know that they will eventually be run out of business by the loss of customers whose main concern is saving money. It is understandable, your feelings. But definitely ones you should let go of. The fate of the small feed store does not rest in your hands. Trust your gut, trust your self and do what is best for you. What is more important to you, money saved or service provided? There is no wrong answer. Personally I feel some things are worth paying extra for–everyone’s list is different and only you can decide if this is one of those things.

    There is much social pressure to support local. Being a local provider I appreciate those who will pay extra for our organic vegetables, but I respect and am grateful for choices.

    Are you a people pleaser? Not everyone will be happy with your decision, impossible. Again, do what is best for you and your emotional and physical health. Do what gives you the feeling of balance and peace. It may sound silly, but that guilty feeling tells you something is not right and you are smart to not ignore it. It could be your point of view or your actual choice that is off. You’ll figure it out. All that said, don’t overthink this, it’s a smallie really (in the bigger picture of life, that is). And even better, it is not a permanent decision! Go here, go there go to both! Maybe your daughter will haul the feed home for you? Anyhoo, have fun figuring this out and thanks for giving me much to ponder this morning. Have a beautiful day, or night as I think you are half a day ahead of me. With love, Melissa


  9. Depends on what you look for…a good price, certainly…but somewhere that loads for me takes the biscuit in my book. One of the things that still surprise me in ‘Costa Rica is having stuff packed for me and taken to my car and one shop I use in San Jose sends their junior to carry heavy purchases to the bus station for me. Does wonders for my back!


  10. Personally, I don’t mind paying for great service, even if I could save some money by shopping elsewhere. Service is key.


  11. Customer service counts for everything in my book. Grace and manners cost nothing! I always say I’m keeping the economy afloat when I’m spending!! Thanks for popping by my little bit of the tinternet!


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