Where oh where can it be……………

I looked for it here and I looked for it there


But this morning it wasn’t to be found anywhere.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Then I spied it – a little ray of sunshine on a cold winter’s day!

little ray of sunshine

Looking fine from the top – and great from the bottom



Only thing to do now is see what it looked like inside


 Absolutely perfect 🙂

Imperial mandarins are my favourite ray of sunshine during winter in Melbourne.

Did you know:-
Mandarins originated from southern China and were named after the Chinese officials of the Imperial court the “Mandarins” who used the fruit for various medicinal purposes.
Imperials are the most popular variety because they are the first to be harvested each season. They are a golden-orange mandarin, and one of a handful of popular citrus varieties that have originated in Australia.
The variety was first recognized in Sydney in 1890. Imperials are easy to peel, have very few seeds, and can be enjoyed as a perfect portable snack.
source – http://www.aussiemandarins.com.au/varieties

Fat free, saturated fat free, cholesterol free, sodium free, they are an excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of vitamin A

What is cheering you up on this Friday?

13 Replies to “Where oh where can it be……………”

  1. Friday is tomorrow for me….but after a week of having appointments which meant getting up and out at the crack of dawn tomorrow’s is in the afternoon…
    I’ll take the extra half hour in bed willingly – puppies permitting…

    We have mandarin trees in the garden…and I love it when they are in season as I much prefer them to oranges.

    Do you dry the peel to use in cooking? A scrap of dried peel goes well in a beef and wine stew.


  2. I’ve been eating so many mandarins this year. I am not sure of my preferred variety though. I’m waiting for the sun to appear and it is very slow. At 11, still no sign.


  3. I love mandarins although I think we only get one indistinct variety here, and clementines. I’ve had satsumas in the UK and they are a little different from the others. Of course they are all grown halfway around the world – usually imported from Morocco.


  4. We had sunshine today, after a heavy frost.
    So we went down to the lake and smiled at kangaroos, pelicans and swans. A lovely interlude.
    And now I want a mandarin.


  5. Just curious – does the label say where the mandarins were grown? Our mandarin season just ended here so it will be months before we see these again. We love them and the navel oranges which are still in season here.


  6. Hopefully you are still sleeping your way to Saturday as I write at dinnertime on Friday. I do love a good mandarin. Thank you for the back story about the fruit.


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