First Five….

June has arrived which means Winter has arrived here in Australia.
So what were the first five days like?

Monday June 1 was the first official day of winter and this year it certainly lived up to it’s name. Coldest first day for 38 years – a chilly 4c/39f at my place first thing and even tho the rain filled grey clouds moved away for a very while and the sun shone for about an hour it didn’t get above 10c/50f.   Cold wet days need soup for lunch.

Supposed to be Bacon Thyme and Parsnip soup (recipe here)  I had to take a little bit of culinary licence though, I did have the bacon but as the bag of tiny parsnips I picked up at the greengrocers wasn’t enough I added the turnip and swede that was destined for another meal later in the week.  All out of thyme so I tossed in some dried mixed herbs – well thyme is one of them isn’t it?? I also used the chicken stock made from the carcass of our last rotisserie chook and added some milk rather than cream.  Nothing like the original but very tasty if I do say myself :). image
Tuesday was also cold, maybe a smidgeon warmer than Monday but still C&A weather as my mother would call it (‘coats an ‘ats’ fondly referring to a very old department store we used to shop at years ago.  Sadly now closed in UK).  Too cold and wet (for my liking) to walk outside so to the gym I went.  So did every other senior in the eastern suburbs – it was packed with oldies!  I spent part of the afternoon playing around trying to master the new microwave – who remembers my Thursday post from last week?  Yes, something else happened lol. Not the same brand as the last one, this has different bells and whistles which means I need the manual (going to need it handy for a while I think 🙂

The Golfer got to wear his new pair of ‘little boy ski pyjamas’ overnight – so called because our boys always wore this style when they were little.  Much more stylish than the grandpa button up flanelette ones lol  He’s beginning to feel the cold – so different to the man who always slept in the nuddy until just a few years ago.



Little boy pyjamas

The chilly start to Wednesday fizzled out by lunchtime and the afternoon was sunny dry and warm – not summer warm obviously but warm enough for me not to grizzle about finishing the annual rose prune.  This was the last bed – not a perfect cut I know- I lost my patience with some of these ones so will have to get the saw out on another day before we go away.  Look at the early spring bulbs showing their greenery.  Oh, and I picked up two fabulous ‘silk’ scarves from the op shop in the morning.  They are an easy way to dress up a plain windcheater.

2015 June 3image
Thursday started off dry and sunny with a distinct ‘nip’ in the air.  Apart from making sure I got to the gym really early (to beat the crowd ) there was just one little job I definitely had to do and that was to spend part of the day finishing off (sewing up and placing the last of the buttons on) these small cardigans.  I managed that and had them packed and handed over to my contact who delivers to the ‘Knit one Give one’ charity. by noon.   Maybe not as many in this half yearly parcel as in previous years – I was aiming at using lots of ‘left overs’ – half or small balls of various colours for the girls cardigans…..I had oodles of 3ply and 4 ply (plain colurs and white) and as that’s not my favourite ply to knit with I combined 3ply + 4ply together or 4ply + 4ply (plain colour plus white) to knit the boys cardigans.  Same size pattern – different designs – different sizes.  I’m sure there are some little 6-12 month old babes in need and KOGO will find them.

That little nip turned into a full blown bite later when the sky clouded over and the rain came down.  It was back indoors for us both – a repeat of Jag and unplanned viewing of the ‘delights of afternoon television’ for The Golfer and the start of an old book Soldier of Fortune (Ernest Gann) for me.  Our protected deck is great in winter when the sun is shining and there is little wind – not so good when it is really cold and miserable.




It was just getting light when I got up on Friday – there was a hint of sunshine over the houses at the back which had turned into more than a promise when I looked out the front at 8am.  That was all I needed – The Golfer left to meet his ‘mates’ and (what else but) golf – and as soon as the usual ‘chores’ were done, it was on with my walking shoes and I couldn’t get out the door fast enough to…… walk.  There were so many ‘regulars’ in the park taking advantage of this break in the weather that, what with talking to the humans and their dogs as well as taking piccies of anything that looked interesting, I was out of the house for a couple of hours and, guess what, my back and legs didn’t play up once.   After an afternoon pottering around in the garden I declared it to be a glorious day 🙂


 This was the forecast on Friday morning for the coming week
we do need the rain – but are really happy when the sun shines
and it’s not freezing cold 🙂


Temperatures Celcius Farenheit

What were the first five days of June like where you live?  Sun Snow Rain Hail?

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  1. Oh my yes it was cold. Getting up in th morning to head off to the pool I had to defrost my car first. There was so much ice it looked like I had been to the snow. It melted and slid down my windscreen. I don’t mind it being cold. I just throw another log on the fire and rug up. Rain on the other hand makes everything wet and muddy but the gardens love it so I won’t complain too much. I too pruned roses. That got me nice and warm lol


  2. I was always the person called upon to set the vcr and microwave clock but our newest has me beat and I have to refer to the manual every time. Given some the awesome things the new microwaves can do that nobody ever uses, how nice a simple clock button would be.


  3. It’s so different there, early spring bulbs – green. Here they are in hiding for months. I love the little sweaters you make for the toddlers! Your knitting is fabulous!
    Soup – it’s hard to find parsnips at any time of the year here. I dearly love them fried in butter. Makes me hungry!


  4. We had a v brisk start to winter. Until Thursday lunch time we had spent more time with our temperatures in the negative than in the positive. Friday was warmer, but not precisely balmy. Back down to minus four last night.
    Crisp and bright though.
    Gardening is on my agenda tomorrow. Insane.
    Love your little garments. I am sure they will be cherished.


  5. Used my A/C for the first time this year last week. Hit 90F on Friday for the first time. Unusual for us here in Oklahoma. But we’ve had a very cool and wet start to summer. 92F right now! Sunshine and a little breeze. A few clouds. 42% humidity.


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