Why so glum chum??

Well that’s exactly what I asked myself when I found this photo in one of the boxes.  Who remembers the boxes – which aren’t quite as full as they were but certainly nowhere near empty lol  It was a sunny day, we were having fun in a park and then The Golfer mentioned a photo to record the day.  Looks like I certainly didn’t want that to happen.

1972 was a strange year, we had struggled to sell our house, something that needed to be done so we could finalise migration procedures.  There should have been smiles all round in this photo because we had just been to Australia House to advise them we’d jumped that last hurdle and could they set the wheels in motion, give us a ‘date’ and arrange our flights. Looking back now I think it was at that moment when reality set in and there was no going back.

1972 Early Summer Park
1972 Early Summer Park

This next one was there in the box as well.  Yes it’s another one of ‘my favourite five and me’ on another sunny day; this time on a day out with my mother, the children’s grandmother.  I might have mentioned my strained relationship with my mother, and if ever I should have been looking glum this is the photo that should have recorded it.  But no, it was laughs and giggles most of the day – from me. the kids and mum.  If I remember correctly this was the ‘now make funny faces’ for the camera one 🙂

1972 Late Summer Lincoln
1972 Late Summer Lincoln

The kids and I had spent most of their summer holidays in the town where mum and dad were living – a four hour drive from our place.  Once they were back at school we’d be busy packing up the house and all that went with a move like that knowing there’s be no time for an extended stay.  I think it was then on that day I finally ‘forgave’ mum for the troubled times we’d been through earlier on in my life as well as after I married (so many buttons were pushed by us both) and just went with the flow and accepted the way she was.

Yes I know – this is the sort of thing that happens when you grow older.  Wonder which photographs my children will ponder on?  Is it possible they will have memories of those two days?  Perhaps I should ask them and see what they say – what do you think?

9 thoughts on “Why so glum chum??

  1. It’s nice to have those photos, Cathy. Just one glance and you can conjure up the mood of the day and what you talked about. It all comes back to you.
    You have a very nice little family there, beautiful healthy children, I hope they are the same as adults.
    You could always ask them what ‘they’ remember from those pictures. 😀


  2. Future generations will be overwhelmed with digital photos but these ‘hard copy’ photos will be very precious to your children, I am sure. Btw, did the weather in Australia match your expectations?


  3. what a lovely family, interesting how your relationship with your mom evolved. I’ve had issues with my mom too but now that she has some dementia, my main concern is for her well-being.


  4. I love looking at other people’s old photos and finding out the ‘stories’. What a lovely looking family and what a big step you were all taking! I also had issues with my mother, who never seemed to be able to say anything nice or encouraging to me, both as a child and as an adult. I hope I did a better job with my own two.


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