One plus one plus two more……..

One plus One plus One plus another = contentment


One plus one could mean a sunny day and the chance to read
Or maybe it could be knitting with company?



Put all four together and thats what I enjoyed one day last week.


A beautiful sunny morning with nothing planned meant I was able to sit out on the deck, read, knit and enjoy the sight of Kiera slumbering her day away.

Enjoying some of the late Autumn sunshine made warmer by the outside blinds – definitely welcomed by both myself and Kiera.

Knitting cotton dishcloths – special requests from several poolside acquaintances.  Means I can use up thinner ply by using two strands together and reduce my ‘stash’.   (I found mention of the Waffle pattern on one of Rhonda’s posts way back in 2008 but you can find it here.  I’m making these ones slightly larger)

Rereading ‘Chocolat by Joanne Harris’ – made easy by propping the page open with a coaster. :).  Life in a small French village changed by the arrival of a young mother who opens a chocolat shop right across the road from the local church.  It tells of her relationship with the priest and the villagers as well as their relationships with each other.


A good day indeed!

Linking to Yarn Along where bloggers share details of what

they are knitting and reading – hosted by Ginny at Small Things

18 thoughts on “One plus one plus two more……..

  1. Sounds like you had the perfect day! I checked the link you had for the waffle stitch. Don’t you just love the photos knitters take to make their work look so inviting? Lovely. That book though . . . would have enticed me to eat chocolate. Maybe not after I got all the relationships figured out in the book, though.


  2. i am playing at the ‘reduce the yarn stash’ game at the moment using seven or eight yarns at a time. What am I making? Good question,it might be a cushion, a warming pad for my aging back or a floor rug!


  3. I am relaxed just imagining you sitting in that great spot knitting. I made a few waffle cloths for Christmas last year. They were so well received.


  4. That waffle dishcloth is my favorite and the only one I really knit up! They make a nice little gift. I read Chocolat a few years back and enjoyed it–a sweet read. It sure looks like you had the perfect day for sure.


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