And it is only Thursday…………

It’s been an annoying week if you can describe a week as such.

We’ve been trying to organise flights and hotels for next years trip.  The weekend we cruise (early April) is the weekend after Easter – not the best time to try booking seats on an international flight, particularly when we will be returning to Australia a month later and those flights are not available yet.   Another few days, my little travel man says.  I’ll put you on my list.  Hotels are not co-operating either.  And don’t talk about the US$ – luckily I did purchase some a while ago so all is not lost.

I mentioned a little while ago about my back playing up.  Where, When or How I managed to ‘disturb’ it still remains a mystery.  Using the warm water pool helped for a while but now my lumbar stenosis (narrowing of the spine) has decided to make itself known as well.  Hello again, tingly numb achy painful legs have come back to haunt me, this time with a vengeance.  It is worse first thing in the morning so I sit a while and all is well, start to walk and ‘hello again’.  Bugger!!
I wrote about this describing my aches, pains and feelings in this post three years ago and believe it or not have been symptom free since then.  Now it recurs just when we are about to go off and there will be loads of walking to do.  I have seven weeks to try and calm it – GP says exercise gently as much as I can concentrating on the core, build up leg muscles as well.

Then I saw the podiatrist Tuesday afternoon and he asked what I’d done to one of my toes.  Did it itch? Mystified I looked at it and said I thought I’d grazed it in the pool that morning – no way he says’.  That’s the start of Tinea!  So it’s wash dry and cream twice a day, wear clean cotton socks each night to bed (contagious so no footsy with The Golfer) and stay away from the pool for a couple of weeks.

Bugger! Bugger! Bugger!
Definitely not a bundle of laughs am I lol
I wonder what else can go wrong this week

ps – and I didn’t even mention the current wordpress/blogger commenting fiasco!

12 thoughts on “And it is only Thursday…………

  1. You are not having a good time of it right now at all. Well the only way is up I say. You will feel much better soon and everything will fall into place and then you will have a lovely holiday to look forward to xx


  2. Sometimes in life like the saying goes it never rains it pours. One thing after another. Hope you will be better soon.


  3. You are really getting it, aren’t you? Sorry, I hope things level out for you quickly.


  4. It would be too early to book much for April next year, I should think. I must have missed where you are off to in seven weeks. Walking seems to be the recommendation for many aches and pains and I know, it works for me.


  5. Drats! Hope things turn around for you soon. The niggles with plans are not fun, but most important is health. Take care and feel better soon, fingers crossed. Xx


  6. So sorry to hear about your problems, have you tried a tens machine for your back pain? not sure if you are allowed to use one but maybe it could help, hope you can get your.travelarrangements sortedd soon too
    Take care X Dawn


  7. This comment is what might be classed as tough love.
    Never dwell on your problems they thrive on it.
    Dwell on someone else’s problems it diminishes yours.

    Doctors can always find something wrong with us it is their job.
    We should do all we can to stay healthy and not need doctors.
    I am not saying don’t see a doctor for a back injury or to have a yearly check up.

    Travel is a wonderful way to forget about stress but you do need to look at it as a challenge things never go smoothly.
    You are going to enjoy the flight and the cruse all the hassle will be worth it..

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