Pleasure of walking on air…………

A dear friend of mine made a comment about feeling old because she had checked her calendar to see when her next visit to the podiatrist was. ‘Only old people do that’ she said.   I laughed because I had the same thing on my mind – not the getting old part – but the visiting the podiatrist bit.

Not long ago I wrote a post about life’s little pleasures – as well as having a bath I must confess, strange as it may seem, visiting the podiatrist is also one of my favourite pleasures. Oh no, I hear you say – not another post on feet lol

I don’t always wear shoes at home, I go barefoot most of the time (or wear thongs/flip flops) until winter when it’s socks and knitted slippers. Of course this means I do untold damage to the soles of my feet. I’ve never had ‘nice’ feet and a few years ago I began to get corns …. ok, I know, TMI….changing shoes (which I ‘do’ wear outside the house) didn’t seem to help so thats when my visits to the Podiatrist (or Chiropodist as they used to be called) began. Now I have regular appointments and actually look forward to them 🙂

We begin with a little chat and the initial examination of my feet, then out comes the cleaning swabs as well as all the tools of the trade and we are away and running (obviously not literally – yet).  Toenails are trimmed because like lots of oldies I find it hard to reach down there; little toes don’t bend these days or come apart far enough for me to manouver the clippers and my toe nails are becoming so thick I can’t even clip the ones I can get to!  The corns are ‘out’ and the site is under control now so I don’t have to have endure any ‘poking prodding and trimming’ thank goodness, which means it’s then time to attack the dead skin on the heels and balls of my feet.

That’s when the little electric sanding tool appears – well that’s what it reminds me of – my foot man Bill starts it up after most of that skin has been shredded off with a teeny tiny scalpel and gently smoothes out all the rough edges.  After creaming heels soles and toenails they all feel as smooth as a babies bum.

Then it’s massage time – ooh that feels good – and once he’s finished I leave with a smile on my face because there’s nothing like walking from his rooms with nicely creamed soft feet.  Amost like walking on air.  Gosh, thinking about is putting a smile on my face – wonder when my next visit is??

Come on – confess – tell us what your life’s little pleasures are.
Please 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Pleasure of walking on air…………

  1. Oooh. No corns, but definitely nasty dry cracked feet and heels and sumo toe nails. Perhaps I will brave a podiatrist.
    Guilty pleasure? A cup of tea and a book when the to-do list is calling my name. A frequent guilty pleasure.


  2. I’ve never been. I too go bare foot as often as I can. But my feet are still fairly soft. Although I am starting to see the signs lol so maybe soon I’ll have to find me on of those feet doctors and get the royal treatment


  3. I’ve never gone barefoot really. I have now started wearing thongs at home rather than socks. I have been thinking about a visit to one of the feet people. The longer I delay it, the worse they will be, I suppose. Pleasure for me does not come with guilt. Perhaps I should think about that a bit more.


  4. A foot massage sounds good. I don’t know if I could handle the sanding though! I don’t know about guilty pleasure, but I really miss a good bath. One where I can cover my entire body except for the head in warm (hot )water. Where the hot water supply never runs out! I had a bath in Japan where you could set the initial temp electronically and then a maintaining temp. So I could run the bath at 40 degrees, set the maintain at 38 and spend hours in the water. So lovely.


  5. Visited my new podiatrist yesterday and made David come along. I had a broken toe which he splinted and David had his toes done. Very nice to have all this help. I wear socks and Birkenstocks all year. Nothing with heels.


  6. Never been to a podiatrist and only once ever had my nails (hands and feet) done. It does sound quite nice though! I would almost say my chiropractor is my guilty pleasure, but I don’t go often enough to feel guilty for it and I generally need it when I do go. I do wish it didn’t cost so much so I could go more often. I too leave there feeling like I am walking on air and maybe a couple of inches taller.


  7. Well, you just made a trip to the podiatrist sound as amazing as a spa visit! Now I feel like I need to make an appointment… 🙂 I hate corns. I have little toes where no little toes should be, and so I get corns from the squishedness. They are terrible.

    I love getting my hair colored — you get the most amazing scalp massage. I do not love the insanity that is the dye pasting my hair down and giving me a preview of what I would look like bald, but the scalp massage is 100% worth that indignity.

    I’m really enjoying your posts about feet… 🙂


  8. Ha — have not yet had to go to the podiatrist yet. Though my life’s little pleasure is puzzle-like video games. That’s my treat to myself in the evening.


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