Mine and mine alone……

Thinking about my last post, https://cranethie.wordpress.com/2015/05/14/cant-seem-to-get-it-right/ has me reflecting on the fact that one thing in my life that has always been a constant is that I always seem to have cold feet.  No matter where I am or what I’m doing 90% of the time Catherine’s feet will feel cold.

Why, I used to ask when all my immediate family had ‘warm blooded’ feet were mine cold and what could I do to warm them up? I also used to blame it on my Dad’s side of the family because they all suffered from heart disease and associated circulatory problems but my GP seemed to think my circulation was fine so I then began to wonder what else could I blame.

A few years ago when my thyroid gland packed up I thought great, that can make you feel the cold. It had made me suffer all sorts of other symptoms so as well as the weight gain, the bloating, the grotty hair, the general aches and pains, the memory loss and miserable feelings maybe I could blame that on it as well – only thing is now I’m on medication and the levels are ok the feet are still cold lol

I’ve tried all sorts of things; I can assure you that seriously toasting feet in front of an open fire or a heating duct just results in a red face and scorched soles and those horrors called chilblains. Likewise soaking in a bowl of hot water does warm them but also leaves them wet and soggy and cold again within a short while. 😦

I read that there were creams that will make your feet warm, slippers you can put in the microwave, herbs that will assist with circulation but so far from all the suggestions I’ve been given wearing woollen socks seems to be the only one that gives relief – not a good look on a hot 30c/85f summer’s day or night though!

However there is one remedy I had recommended recently that I have yet to try.  It would appear that if you wear a hat your feet stay warm 🙂

Now wouldn’t that would be a lovely sight
Yes, many years back people did wear a hat to bed
(Wee Willie Winkie comes to mind)

wee willy images

In wintertime there is always a hot water bottle and extra blanket at the foot of the bed and occasionally bed socks ready to put on but I’m sure if I turned in one evening with a beanie on my head The Golfer would laugh his cotton socks off (that is if he still had them on!)

But there again maybe not ‘cose if it cured the bane of his life – me getting into bed with cold feet – I’m sure he would be pleased. He might even give it go himself ‘cose recently I’ve noticed him sitting with his feet tucked up in a blanket during the evening and then stretching them over to my side of the bed once I’ve got warm and comfortable.  Guess what – they were freezing – yes, looks like he’s starting to suffer from cold feet as well 🙂

As far as I’m aware cold feet are mine and nobody else’s in the family
How about you – what little thing sets you apart from your family?

May be a little on the long side but once again
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13 thoughts on “Mine and mine alone……

  1. The only time my feet weren’t cold was when I took my Lipitor at night before bedtime. (That is the prescribed way to take it) I tell you, my feet felt like they were on fire. So hot that I could not sleep. I’m sure that mine is a circulation problem – my hands are like ice too.


  2. Cathy I feelyour pain, or should that be cold. I am the coldest person in the western hemisphere, no exaggeration. I do have heart issues as well as reynaud’s. All my medications seem to add to the cold ears, nose, boobs, legs and feet.. Five years ago I had a hip replaced. Nobody warned me how the drop in temperatures would affect my leg. The metal hip make the leg feel like I have been left in a freezer all night!

    The measures that help me:

    For outdoors in winter:-
    1. I wear a hat.
    2. Silk lined leather gloves, they are the only ones that leave me grip on the steering wheel.
    3. Ski tubes – long socks without a heel, so one size fits all.
    4. Leather boots.
    5. Gel handwarmers in the pocket of my trousers next the metal hip.

    For bed , I get dressed. 😉
    a. pyjamas,
    b. bedsocks
    c. A microwaveable wheat pack across the end of the bed.
    d. 13.5 tog down & feather duvet and over that
    e. A soft pillow above my feet.

    When I come in from a long spell outdoors I heat the wheatpack and place it NOT at my feet, but between my thighs – the heat goes up and down and the feet warm pretty quickly.

    Hope these suggestions help.


  3. Another person with a failed thyroid? Still trying to get rid of the weight gain here.
    You probably don’t want to hear this, but I envy you your cold feet. I can’t tuck the bed clothes in because I have to be able to stick my feet out to cool them (and me) down. And the cats and the partner relish my warm part of the bed, heating it up even more…


  4. I can’t think of anything that sets me apart, but I always sleep in socks because I’m cold. Even in summer.


  5. You keep your cold feet to yourself, madam. Socks would appear to be the only answer.

    Is your other half grateful to your cold feet in summer when his need to cool down?


  6. How interesting that your head could keep your feet warm! I’ll have to try this experiment out with my husband. He has horribly cold feet and in the winter it’s painful for him (and for me when they touch me, but not quite in the same way). We usually microwave one of those buckwheat or cow corn neck heaters and wrap them around our feet. Kind of like a flexible hot water bottle. I don’t know if this is similar to the cold feet, but I get really, really sweaty. Embarrassingly sweaty. No one else in my family seems to have this, but it’s awful in the summer. My “Whitney sweat” is a constant on my upper lip (Whitney Houston always had beads of sweat on her upper lip when she performed) and sometimes I have to change shirts twice per day. So it’s kind of like the opposite of your situation, I guess….


  7. What sets me apart from my family is my attached ear lobes. No part of my lobe dangles. It can make some earrings look hang funny, but that’s easy to work with. Do what you need to do to stay warm!


  8. I used to struggle with cold feet, but then in recent years not so much. I wish I knew what “fixed” it but I have no idea! My acupuncturist had some explanation for it…which I forget! I like the hat idea though.
    I think what sets me apart from my immediate family is that too much talking can fatigue me. I like to talk and discuss and I like to listen to them talk – but they can go on for hours and I just need to go somewhere quiet for a break at some point!


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