A little bit of this……

And a little bit of that 🙂

That was the answer I gave to one commenter who emailed in relation to my last post.  ‘What else do you do for the community?’ I was asked.
‘A little bit of this and a little bit of that’ I replied
which seems to cover a lot of things doesn’t it lol

Most community minded people are a bit reluctant to talk about their service
Whether they are involved in large projects or small they don’t boast about it – they just do it.  However I’m sure my friend in Rosebud will be pleased to see what else I have been doing recently.

Over the past few weeks I took the last little bits of (well I tried to use up what was left of) various balls of wool and knit squares.  Then, after I deliver them on Friday, someone else doing their little bit will join these along with lots of other people’s little square bits to make a blanket that will hopefully keep someone else warm during the coming winter.

Ever present overseer

And look – there’s a little bit of that left to make a few more to add to the piles!

Enough for 3 more May 2015

Less in my ‘stash’ means more (in a different form) for someone else.

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  1. that’s a worth while project that’s for sure. I posted my knitting progress today on my blog, as I have been learning for two months now.


  2. Beautiful squares Cathy! Your stash goes down and a needy person gets a warm blanket…win win! I’m a ‘square joiner’ for a local charity here and we have lots of ‘square makers’ to keep the joiners very busy 🙂


  3. They look great. I’m one of those in the group that do the little bit to connect the squares I chrochet them together and then I’ll crochet a boarder. We then send them to the salvos for their winter appeal


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