At the beach…..

This is a little reminder of one of our trips to Hawaii in 2006.  A view along the beach in Waikiki looking back towards the historic hotel ‘The Royal Hawaiian’ also known as ‘The Pink Palace’.

Waikikki 2006
Waikikki 2006

The very first time we visited, which was a few years earlier than when this photo was taken, we stayed in a small apartment a block back from Waikiki Beach for a week and as a special treat moved over to The Royal Hawaiian for one night before flying home to Australia.  Such luxury – they had upgraded us to a room overlooking the beach.  Oh the memories 🙂

We’ve been back several times since then but I’ve never been able to find the little bench right on the beach front where I spent time enjoying the whole ambience of the place – the warm air, the sound of the sea and the feel of the sand made me feel as though I was a million miles from anywhere.

For the month of May Jude’s
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10 thoughts on “At the beach…..

  1. I always wanted to visit Hawaii. As a child it looked so exotic. I think I’d find it a bit too crowded now. Did you do this as a stopover to Australia?
    As for the bench, it certainly fits the criteria and looks to be nice and shady there 🙂


  2. That shady area is probably another high rise hotel today. When we lived there it was a military area, but then many military areas have altered in the past 50 years as the feds sold the land they held after WWII.


  3. That’s a great shot of the old Pink Palace. I walked on the beach in front of it the one time I was there, and I was amazed at how small it is in comparison. So glad you were able to stay in it.


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