All is not lost………

Back in February when I was Musing on a Monday, the topic of tidiness came up – – I chatted away about the fact that I really wanted to be tidy but always managed to fail in some areas.  Shoes and ironing came in for a special mention.

I really seem to have knocked the ironing on its head now and each load does find its way to a holding place, all nice and smooth and ready to be worn/used without the usual helter skelter. moan and groan about never having anything ready to walk out the door in.  I’m exaggerating a bit there – sort of – but there have been days in the past……..

Anyway the other source of concern was my shoes – things that I would wear and then toss aside as I came in the house.  They all had homes to go to but not all in the same spot.  Summer sandals and other summer type footwear seemed to be the worst offenders – possibly because I have more of them than any other sort.

Now, thanks to this handy dandy cabinet The Golfer treated me to there is no need for me to complain (or trip over anything) 🙂
sorry about the fuzzy photo – no idea what happened there

Cabinet closed
At the moment it’s sitting by the front door which is close to our bedroom  – handy to store and retrieve from maybe??  Two blocks of shelves with false fronts, with three layers in each – as you can see I’ve tried out the lower level with some summer footwear, bit of a tight squeeze.  I could fill the top with more summer as well but I think it might be time for a question and answer session instead.  Do I need – do I like – will they do another season??

SandalsCabinet open

Not sure it would take a male type/size shoe as the distance between the levels isn’t very deep.  My dress/court ‘nice’ shoes will go in the top section but my ‘clodhoppers’ as my mother would describe closed in winter type shoes are in another place along with my runners and wellie boots.

I’m not going to say it will stop my ‘take off and drop at the back door’ antics but al least I have a storage place where ‘like is with like’ and they are visible all together plus a clean floor beneath the clothes in my wardrobe.

Here’s hoping it works – for a little while at least 🙂

16 thoughts on “All is not lost………

  1. Such a natty, useful little cupboard! I also must shamefacedly admit that I kick my shoes off at the door and…ahem…tend to leave them strewn around somewhat ! Lol


  2. Nice! No way you should lose one of your shoes. I’m always looking for one thing or another.


  3. Good luck.
    One of my most epic fails happened when I kicked my shoes off at the front door and only realised when they didn’t fit in the milk compartment in the fridge that I had hurled the milk under the bed as I went past…


  4. That’s a lovely little cupboard Cathy and I’m sure you’ll make good use of it in the future. Just remember that when it’s full, you have to throw something away to make room for something new (wink).


    1. Well it’s full now Stella 🙂 – that was what I meant about having a little discussion about the state of shoes and whether I needed them all. Trouble is if they are wearable comfortable as opposed to tatty comfortable I just can’t move them on. And yes they all get worn on occasions


  5. I have a hall rack with two pairs of shoes. That’s it. I wear nothing but Birkenstocks these days…I’m retired. Gave my shoes to daughter and granddaughters. As for laundry, I wash most days, always have. One load and easy to fold and put away. I tend to wear the same clothes, flannel and cords in winter, and seersucker and cords in summer. I’m retired and I don’t get dressed up any more.

    Cleared the closets of work clothes years ago. Granddaughters love my old flannel shirts.


    1. Two pairs of shoes, is that all??
      You certainly scaled down on retirement didn’t you Dianne – I wear the same old same old around the house and garden but I must admit I do like to get dressed up now and again so need something to go with the glad rags.


  6. That is a handy little cabinet for holding shoes. I have one pair of sandals, some summers I don’t get to wear them at all. Now when it comes to boots, I have four pairs!


    1. Yes Gm it’s been there several days now and I can’t get over how ‘handy’ it is lol I love shoes – sorely miss being able to wear the high heels we did in the 1950s. Todays high ones don’t seem to sit well on the broad feet I seem to have acquired in my more mature years 😦


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