Quiet Interlude

We’ve made our way to South Australia – this is the first view of the Murray from a roadhouse in Tailem Bend.  We have to stop here each time we come this way – just to look see. image Tomorrow The Golfer will take part in the Anzac Day march down King William Road along with some ex-airforce ‘mates’.  Lunch, a few drinks and lots of talk afterwards.  ‘Will be home on Monday

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  1. I can see the need for stopping in this place. It could be called communing with nature.

    I hope the Anzac Day parade will be a great opportunity to catch with old friends. Have a great weekend.


  2. Love the photos, Cathy. Our family has some special friends that live in Queensland, and we just found out that they’re coming to the USA to take a cruise, and they’ll be in our town for a day. We’re super excited!


  3. Cathy: Very nice. Keep sending your posts. I am having a difficult time right now as my sister has been diagnosed with inoperable tumor on the stem of her brain so I have been litterally stunned and shocked. I am her only sibling and am having a hard time right now but still like to read your posts. I may not comment but thank you for understanding.


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