Especially for ?

The Pet Shop I use in Montrose is right next door to the Vet Clinic.  Last Saturday I had to move down the footpath a bit to see the wording on the board.  I knew instantly who to dedicate this post to 🙂

Vet clinic

 One for you Dianne 🙂

Vet clinic board

I’ve seen cats and dogs as well as other weird and wonderful pets (plus a horse tied up in the car park) but don’t recall ever seeing a parrot of any shape or size in the rooms. LOL

6 thoughts on “Especially for ?

    1. Mine would have eaten the paneling, if I let him. He could crack a Brazil nut better than I could. He was a success at lots of things – good and bad.


  1. Thanks, Cathy. Yes, I live in parrot city here, and when I feed my Green Cheek Conure (South American parrot) a bite of something sweet, I tell her its okay because she has no teeth, unlike my dogs, who have regular dental visits with their vet.

    Thanks again and I hope you checked out my post on Grandpa Jonathan. I too have Scots ancestors it seems.


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