Coming ready or not…..

We had weeks of sunny dry weather recently – there were days when I could wander up to the reserve and spend time doing nothing.  Sitting resting reading here as well as on our back deck – my idea of a spell in the paddock 🙂

Park bench march 2015

Not far from my spot is one of the small wetlands pools and for some reason there are four poles set right in the middle.  None of us locals know why they are there – these ducks don’t seem to care.  They just revel in the fact they are!

Sitting Ducks

If they turned the other way they would be able to enjoy the view.

Our beautiful city of Melbourne spreads out for quite a way, this area is in the far east.  Even tho there have been improvements to road and rail access we still tend to think we are about an hour away from the CBD.  Such a short time to move from the hurly burly out to the peace and quiet of these outer eastern suburbs.  There are good and bad aspects to life out here, maybe I’m biased but (sorry Andrew) there’s no way I could live anywhere else.  Now  I know I’ve shown this view to you before but really it is something to see. (Click to enlarge and enjoy)

Ducks Dandenongs Elizabeth Bridge  March 2015

Unfortunately nothing stays the same and not long after watching the ducks enjoying their pole sitting in the warm sunshine things changed.  The dry brown grass in my garden has now been covered by dry brown leaves from next doors oak tree.

Brown grass Brown leaves

 Yesterday there were more changes – it rained.  Real rain.  Heavy wet rain!

Disappearing act

This is what I saw on my way to the pet shop in Montrose.  Those beautiful Dandenong Ranges were masked by heavy cloud for most of the day. I’ve drawn a red line along the section where the tv masts are – or rather should be lol   They were completely hidden by the low cloud.  Same again today, much lower temperatures as well!  Reckon I’ll need a hottie for my toes in bed tonight 😦

Yes, these changes will happen whether I like it or not – they are coming ready or not – and those who know me well enough will know I am also not ready for these changes.

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16 Replies to “Coming ready or not…..”

  1. It looks so lovely and peaceful. I love that part of Melbourne but don’t get out that way as much as when my MiL lived at Ringwood…now we stay right in the city.


  2. Fair challenge and I am up for it. We see the Dandenongs and tv masts from our lounge room, ok, a bit further away. Which park will we visit on foot? Fawkner Park? Botanic Gardens? Albert Park? Best of all, we are walking distance from The Alfred, so convenient for when one of us is dying. Sorry for the maudlin; ran into an old acquaintance today in Prahran Coles and his family is dying to the left and right of him.

    It is a curious thing about the poles in the middle of the lake. I was surprised to learn of the history of the lake at the park at Berwick. There is always a reason for such things, although apparently not in Budapest, where a statue of Ronald Reagan just appears, or one of Peter Falk, aka Columbo.

    Are you saying yesterday, meaning actually today, Sunday? What a weather day. Air con is turned up here. Have you put another log on the fire?


  3. The weather turned here yesterday as well. Brisk and a bit grey. With intermittent drizzle. I am not sure we made it to double figure temperatures.
    I prefer it to summer, so welcomed it.
    And yes, I prefer the country too.
    Much prefer the country.


  4. We live just outside of town and it is so quiet and peaceful. I love it and it sure
    looks nice where you live also. I love all seasons but love Spring most of all and winter the least. I am sure it is my age. LOL !


  5. I love the picture of the ducks on the posts – you don’t need any other reason for why they are there – smile.

    Poor you, rain! It spring in Wales hot and beautiful, but oddly, no rain – smile


  6. I’m with you, I could never live in a city … the closer to nature the better.

    A typical Spring here (UK), some sunshine, a chilling easterly wind and rain forecast later in the week.


  7. Hello Cathy, I am visiting from Michelle’s Nature Notes.. It is nice to see the area where you live.. It is peaceful and pretty. I love the ducks too. Have a happy week!


  8. It is beautiful even as it ages into winter. I know I feel kind of sad in fall and challenged in winter, but nature is still wonderful as your photos show in all kinds of weather…


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