I am…..

Yes I am still here – just taking it easy.

Trying to overcome ‘the wearies’ so having a recovery spell in the paddock.

A trip to the pathology lab this morning may help as far as that is concerned.

We did take a trip to the city last week – a ‘special price’ on the Melbourne Star was enough to tempt us.  Sadly unlike our ‘rides’ on the London Eye and the Singapore Flyer this was an unspectacular experience.  Why it is placed in such an uninspiring location is a mystery to me.

However looking at this quick ‘look here Catherine’ shot highlighted the fact that being off colour and lazy these past weeks means that I now need to lose a few kilos and it is definitely time to get off my whatsit and visit the hardresser.


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    1. So do I Dar – autumn weather so far has been warm sunny and dry until today that is. Rain (which we need) has arrived so have cooler temps, not my idea of fun! Single c temps overnight mean an extra blanket on the bed from now on – and even a hottie for the toes to begin with lol


  1. I’ve missed you Cathy. I very much look forward to your return. I pray that you get the answers you need so that you can feel better very soon.


  2. A trip to the hairdresser’s always gives me an extra boost! Hope you are feeling better soon also.


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