I won’t be long…..

You know straight away when it happens
It’s that awful feeling that comes when you’ve
done something to my back
I bent to pick something up and ‘knew’


I’ve been visiting my local pool a lot over the past week
(photography is not allowed so these are from their web site.
They look good when enlarged)

 I haven’t been in the water up this end where the littlie’s pools are
– or even further down where the big pool is –
but right down the other end by that blue sign
where the warm water therapy pool is.


Oh the joy of moving about in the warm water or sitting in the spa area with the jets directed onto ‘that’ spot and then walking back up the ramp and marvelling at not having an aching back


I seem to have been doing this a lot to ease the pain


But none of this – because sitting is a pain


I’ll be back as soon as I’m pain free and comfortable
and capable of holding a sensible conversation

I’m sure it won’t be long
So be good while I’m away 🙂

17 thoughts on “I won’t be long…..

  1. Love The pool. It’s like a hoilday from the pain. I don’t go into the warm water pool as it seems to aggivate the fibro and I end up more swollen and sore once I’m out. But the cool water although a bit of a shock when you get in. Reduces the inflammation. I hope your back is feeling better soon. Nothing worse


  2. Best of luck with your sore back. Yes, I too can sing you the whole song about back ache, particularly the sudden kind, also known as lumbago. But your sojourn in the warm pool sounds idyllic. How about doing that once the back is back to normal? Or you could pretend that your back is still bad?


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