Signs of life……….

Once again we are planning our trip up north to Bowen (on the Whitsunday coast) for when the winter cold arrives in Melbourne and these signs (taken from the car last time we were up there) are a reminder of the 4 long days of driving ahead of us to get to where we are going.  Close to Rockhampton on day 3 these fun signs pop up on the roadside.  There are usually big smiles each time we see them 🙂 2 1 3

And of course with the long distances to be travelled there are signs like these to make you aware of what could happen.


 so these are there to get the brain working

56 7

 Then of course there are the important ones you don’t want to miss This is one of the wizz bang new digital road information signs we saw when driving south from Tully. Bowen is 2 hours north of Mackay and 2 hours south of Townsville


Whether they are new or old style When you are out in the back of beyond these are important


and even more important if the wording changes to alert you to what could be problems on the road ahead.

IMG_4536click and enlarge for a better view

There are all sorts of signs to be seen at Lesley’s blog Signs Signs

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  1. yup I remember driving to Brisbane with Leanne. We saw the ” are we there yet” signs. Gave us a great laugh. People just don’t understand how big Australia is. The whole of our European tour only did enough kilometres to go from Melbourne to Brisbane one way. And everyone thought we had done a lot of driving lol


  2. It seems funny to see the car driving on the left side of the road where we drive on the right side of the road. Signs are certainly different.


    1. Certainly is Andrew – little tiny place west of Rockhampton. Seemingly named after a bullock who was called that because of the colour of his hide


  3. Now why hasn’t someone in the US thought to put some of these amusing trivia signs along the roadways? Certainly it would make long work commutes more enjoyable, and there would be fewer accidents due to sleepiness, and less road rage. I really enjoy your posts, Cathy. You write with such fun and ease. 😀


    1. Don’t have the answer to that Bethie – not a lot of commuting in these places unless you count farmers driving 200 kms or more into town lol
      Lots of our cities and towns are trying to get rid of billboards saying they are distracting – the children’s signs and the trivia ones are associated with one place in the middle of nowhere.


  4. These are great! Sometimes, I’ve seen advertising signs for a restaurant or campground that are placed a few miles apart, each with something different on it to look forward to. The trivia is the best idea.

    and, no worries, I deleted the bad link for you.


    1. Thanks for that Lesley. We have billboard ads on the outskirts of country towns as well – these ones are known for the smiles they bring. Also you know just how many more hours its going to be before you get to Rockhampton.


  5. Enjoying your photos of road signs. The “How Far…” signs are great, and I can see they bring big smiles. Like the electronic signs showing road conditions. Best to know these things before driving hundreds of miles.


    1. Had to look them up Tom – these aren’t selling anything tho. Long stretches of road between places here mean your concentration can waiver, kids get bored and then things happen.
      Were the signs you found in the same area or different towns


  6. What a fun way to make a ride so long, keep you smiling! And going from the cold to the warmer (is that right?) sounds wonderful to me. Next winter, it’s Texas of Bust! 😀


  7. Hi Cathy,

    I love these signs and they do make you smile when you see them. I’ve often thought though that one was missing on the north side of Rocky “How many bumps in the road can you count before you get to Mackay?”

    Save travels.



    1. Make note to self to be read in July – ‘Remember what Clare said about the bumpy road north of Rocky’ lol.
      We usually drive up on the Newell so don’t venture on to The Bruce until then, as you know it can be a bit of a horror; so how far south of Mackay are we talking about? I’m usually getting excited by then knowing there’s not that far to go before we arrive in Bowen and I can relax in the sun for the next 7 weeks 🙂

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      1. It’s been awhile, and ‘maybe’ someone has spent some money on the road lately, but I always found the entire “Horror Stretch” worthy of its colloquial name.


  8. The first three are fun. I like the idea of those ‘fatigue’ signs.
    But, I do wonder, if these are out the back of beyond – who changes the signs when the roads are closed?


  9. 4 days of driving! We rarely venture further north than Brizzy. That’s a day in the car for us. We always comment that it’s much longer to get to FNQ, which is further away from Brisbane than we are. They have done of the “Are we there yet” signs on the New England in Qld. They always bring a smile, even now that we drive without kids.


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