Do you have to count them all……..

It seems that unknowingly ageing has been the subject of choice in my life this week.

The Golfer had me in stitches the other week describing how he felt when a young man offered him a seat on the tram – well that was nothing to how I felt at the gym the other day when a young thing at the desk asked me if I had booked into the right class (body’pump) ‘don’t you mean the seniors low impact class’ she said.  A mistake on her part that made me wonder just how old I did look lol

Reading matter this week included Last Chance Cafe by Liz Byrski.


where the author ‘assembles a fallible cast of characters who are asking the questions we ask ourselves. What does it mean to grow older? Are we brave enough to free ourselves from the pressure to stay young? And is there ever a stage in life when we can just be ourselves?’  source    An easy read, a fun read as well as being a good read for those of us who are wondering these same things.

Now when you turn up to watch a film and there are only half a dozen other people there you begin to wonder firstly how good the film is and then how on earth can cinema chains can make a profit with so few patrons.  The Golfer and I saw the film I spoke about last week and did indeed spend the time in a theatrette with 12 others – most of whom were what could be described as mature.  I suppose that’s what happens when the subject of the film is the lives of some senior citizen who have chosen to live in India.  We both enjoyed The Second Best Marigold Hotel which was similar but slightly different to the first film.  Great cast, lots of laughs made even better by having the dishy now rather mature Richard Gere to look at 🙂

Then there was Ronni’s ‘interesting stuff‘ post the other day when she mentioned a site called ‘How many days old are you’ and provided the link.  A fun site – until you actually see the ‘truth’!! I’m sure the number it provided for me was wrong – surely I haven’t been here that long.

Have a look, see how you feel about the answer you get and I bet you ask the same questions Are you really sure that’s the right answer? Do I really have to count them all? Even the ones I can’t remember? Where did they all go??

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7 thoughts on “Do you have to count them all……..

  1. I’m too scared to look at the number and have my mind blown. All I know is that I often will say that I just left college, but it was 20 years ago!


  2. I wonder that too about movie theatres. Can’t remember the last time I attended and it was even half full. That day counter, very interesting, but it is a reality check alright. The book sounds like it would be a good read. Is it non fiction? Lovely post. Really enjoyed it. Xx


  3. Truly enjoyed The Second Best Marigold Hotel. Another ‘oldie’ you may enjoy is ‘The Boynton Beach Club”. It is a romantic comedy from 2005 that depicts life in a retirement community in Florida.


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