Brotherly love …………..

Newly built house – unfinished garden – two small boys – one swing

It’s my turn – It’s my turn – I want a go!!


I thought I was back in those days listening to my small sons bickering when I heard these two Cockatoos having ‘words with each other’ on the power lines the other day


They were going at it hammer and tongs – squawking, nipping, using all the standover tactics they (and lots of brothers) knew








Then just like that it went quiet
I could almost hear this one saying ‘I won, I won’ as he continued to hang there
No 2 moved along the wire spreading his wings (almost in disgust) as he went.

Kids – who’d have ’em 🙂

So I did find a bit of Fun for Friday after all 🙂

What is happening in your house on this Friday
Whatever it is I hope it made you smile

If you click the photos they will enlarge and give a better view

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36 Replies to “Brotherly love …………..”

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Mage – if they weren’t such a pest to the farmers many more Australians would be smiling as well 🙂


    1. Yes we do have many lovely to look at birds here in Australia. Some are native some have been introduced. These are native and protected as well, if you were to say that to some of the farmers in areas where they wreak havoc you’d get an entirely different answer.


  1. Nothing planned here today. I’ll just see what it brings. But I do want to eager my washing done so I don’t have to worry about it over the weekend. Have a great one!


    1. Lovely day for doing nothing Angela but if you must wash then wash today while the sun is shining and it’s not raining 🙂


  2. Funny ! Also enjoyed looking at summer pictures. We have two snow storms coming starting Sunday. I don’t know where we are going to put the snow.


    1. You’ll have to come back tomorrow and tell me about your Friday 🙂
      Actually GnG the photo is of two of my sons when they were small. Picking a fight with each other seemed to go on for years and when I saw the two cockies on the wire it reminded me of those days lol


      1. It’s Friday night now and I worked all day, took myself to a movie-same one you recently blogged about, took my granddaughter and her best friend to a fish fry, a bit of knitting happened and now I will listen to a hockey game on the radio until I fall asleep.


          1. Yes, pretty close. Since Catholics don’t eat meat during Lent, many places serve fish on Fridays this time of year. Churches host their own fish fry dinners, too. most are battered and fried cod or pollock with french fries and cole slaw. The church we attend offers a baked potato option and baked fish, plus beverage and dessert. But I took the girls to a VFW club and they served their fish with baked beans.


  3. What did I do on Friday? Oh, spent about 4 hours in a medical consult with an interventional radiologist who was the archetypical “I am the doctor, I am god, you are the patient, this is what you are going to do…” Would much rather have watched two birds battling it on the wire


    1. From that description Leilani I don’t think I’ll swop your Friday for mine. Hope all is well and there is no need to see the medics again.


  4. I imagine those Sulphur cockatoos are brothers. So did you give up your seat to that little brother of yours. Boys, especially little brothers are so pushy. So where is your sister?


  5. really love this post, and the pics – you must have had your camera ready!
    thanks for following me – am following you back – smile


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