Here today, gone tomorrow……………

Well it was here one minute and in the twinkle of an eye it was gone.  Never mind this past week flying by quickly, it would appear I didn’t even notice the month of February as it also passed by LOL

There were days of sickness (yuk) and days of lunches (yum) – days of crafting and days of reading (both yum 🙂 )

Days of heat (yum) and days of storm (yuk)
Our local streets are still littered with all the debris from the storms that passed through Victoria the other day.  I can still hear chainsaws cutting up all the large trees that came down, some with terrible effect

And days of wonder – I’ll get to that later.

My days of reading didn’t number many as I was determined to get as much charity knitting organised and started; I’m a bit ‘naughty’ in that once those ideas are in my head everything else goes out the window and it’s full steam ahead to sort out patterns needles and wool. So to make sure I use up more of that never decreasing stash of wool I’ve accumulated there are several projects on the go.  A little bit done here and a little bit done there means they will all come together at the same time and I don’t get bored working on the same garment all the time.

I read the grand total of one book – and that kept me so engrossed it was finished in a couple of days 😦

In the Woods by Tana French – was a really good read.

In the woods (Dublin Murder Squad 1)


Set in present day Ireland it covers a police murder investigation with a twist in that as a child the investigating officer (Rob Ryan) was involved in an unsolved mystery that took place in the same village many years earlier.  He is loathe (unable) to reveal that fact because he’ll be off the case straight away, so as well as his thoughts on this case and his co-workers (one of whom he becomes quite attached to) he has to deal with the fact that he has no memory of the disappearance of his friends all those years ago.

Lots of twists and turns along with dead leads as they try to find the murderer of the little girl, there is also some fun, some ‘love’ (not sex) and also some sadness there as well.  There was a twist to the ending and also twists in the lives of the main characters that I didn’t see coming and which left me feeing a bit sad.  A good read!

My days of wonder concern a friend of The Golfer.  We have a system of honours and awards here in Australia – one of which is The Order of Australia

The Order of Australia is the pre-eminent way Australians recognise the achievements and service of their fellow citizens.’

My thinking on these awards is that someone nominates you mentioning all the good works you have done – and a committee decides ‘yes or no’ as to whether it will honour you or not.

A little while ago The Golfer (TG) had contact with a person from an association he and others are involved with.  This concerned another member – one who as well as doing all the organising for the Melbourne group is very involved with the community in his area.  Seems the above AOM committee was asking for details (recommendations) on the work the third person actually did for the organisation.  This came via an email so the person talking to TG was wondering if it would be genuine (coming out of the blue like that) so sounded out TG.  Knowing if it is legit it is supposed to be kept secret TG had a word with the third person’s son rather that the person in question.

Well the answer he was given has us all floored.  Yes, it most likely is a legitimate request for a referees recommendation, his father (the third person) had mentioned to him he wanted one (AOM) and was going to nominate himself so would he (the son) sign the forms and make the nomination for him.  This had been done and the form had been lodged a while ago.

All I can say is I’m gobsmacked!

I realise I’m a bit naive sometimes and also realise others have this desire to be noticed (and rewarded) but this just doesn’t seem right.  Not sure how I’ll feel when I next see this person – and if he does actually get the award next January I’ll be even more gobsmacked!!

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  1. Is there a monetary prize? What would be the motive of nominating oneself? I am dumbfounded! But . . . I am thrilled you found an interesting book to read.


  2. Must see if I can find the book. Sounds like a really good read. Isn’t it amazing what some people will do for recognition.


  3. I was surprised to learn about the nomination, but when I think further, I am not really so surprised. If nothing else, surely it goes against the spirit of awards. Ah well, plenty of people receive awards for just doing their paid jobs. Plenty of people who deserve awards don’t receive them and would be embarrassed to be nominated. I hope he is happy with his very tainted award, which may well be deserved, and that makes it all the sadder. Do let us know if he receives the award. Maybe the process will sort it out.


  4. I am with Andrew here. I have difficulties with our awards already for the reason’s he mentioned and had never thought of someone nominating themself. A bit sad really.
    On a much more positive note, I love having my bookaholic self tempted, and your summation of In the Woods did tempt me. Rather a lot. When I have whittled the unread tower down a bit…


  5. Someone needs to take him out in the garage and give him a spanking. Is that man getting childish in his old age. He’s behaving that way.

    You sound great tho.


  6. Oh dear, nominating himself!!! Now that sort of puts a doubt in my mind about other recipients… I agree about February just sort of disappearing in a heat haze for me. But I LOVE March… 2 weeks to adventure time…


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