Oldies but Goodies

One 40 year old 10 inch heavy 1/4 inch based fry pan
one 30 year old Margaret Fulton Bessemer Cookware stove top casserole


Then some Old Fashioned ingredients


Result ~ One Old Fashioned Comfort Meal

Perfect for the day the cool change came through
and the temperature dropped dramatically

Just a couple of the Kitchen Cast at Still Waters
Oldies but Goodies

I wouldn’t get rid of them for all the tea in China 🙂

12 thoughts on “Oldies but Goodies

  1. Perhaps if I had nice pans that did the job I wouldn’t give them away either. Some work, but some don’t, besides, my granddaughters need pots and pans so its nice to pass them along. Also nice to buy a new one occasionally.


  2. I can smell that stew all the way over here. Oh wait now…. maybe my dinner is ready. 😉 i splashed out on new pots this year, the others were well due retirement after fourty years of continuous use.


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