What else did you look at?

Once I recovered from the tiring effects of the recent virus I succumbed to and the spells of vertigo lessened (plus the sweats, the shivers and the shakes) I had quiet times on the iPad.  I wasn’t in the mood for blog visiting or answering comments so had a go at adding a Twitter and Facebook page to Still Waters which as I haven’t previously been a user of either media was quite a learning experience!  They are there on the sidebar now so I guess I just need to work at getting some followers 🙂

My friend Bonnie had sent me this picture of the front of her house on the day she forwarded the funny cartoon about not wanting to make a snowman so as I was travelling the world via webcams (mentioned in this post) I decided to drop in on Nova Scotia courtesy of this set of webcams:-  – http://www.novascotiawebcams.com/en/webcams – and see what else was happening near to where The Golfer’s rellies live.  I do know they had more snow as B tells me that she has to look out the upstairs windows if she wants to see down the street!!


There are two places on our ‘must visit’ list each time we visit NS – they are Peggy’s Cove with it’s lighthouse and Halls Harbour with it’s tides that can see the little fishing boats up alongside the wharf or lying flat on the bottom of the sea bed.  It was only after several years of visiting I finally got to see the harbour with water in it lol


 This is the big roundabout (which they call a traffic circle) in Halifax that has a knack of confusing certain of TG’s cousins so we rarely go that way.  The resort at Ski Martock offers night skiing with trails lit for the purpose (looks like a popular pastime) and the view from the Harbour’s Edge B&B in Yarmouth was definitely chilly for this warm weather sunshine lover.  You can see the same view minus snow here  








So that was my international travel for one of my ‘off’ days – this would have to be one webcam site that has the most amount of information about the areas covered.  Have a look and visit one of the beautiful Canadian provinces.


And of course all those little screen shots will open with a click

11 thoughts on “What else did you look at?

  1. I would love to take a trip out to Nova Scotia and the Eastern Provinces. Your photos just reminded me of how much snow those poor folk have. I am hoping it will warm up soon, albeit slowly for them, as if all that snow melts too fast there will be flooding everywhere.

    Gill in Southern Ontario


  2. Last February my husband and I both had viral vertigo at the same time. It was awful and went on for 2 months and I needed PT to walk again. It is horrible.. Glad you are feeling better…Michelle


  3. I live nearby and have been to all the spots except Hall’s Harbour – but I have been to the next one over, Baxter’s Harbour! Even went night skiing at Martock, but not since my university days 🙂


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