Nature Notes – seeing is believing……

This is a post for Michelle who hosts Nature Notes at Rambling Woods
I’m hoping some of my other readers will find it interesting

 Last week (not this one just gone, the one before) I was a bit under the weather so spent quite a bit of ‘alone’ time pottering around just ‘looking’ at things on the net.  The Golfer and I enjoy webcams – looking at and seeing what is going on (in real time) in other parts of the world so I was viewing some of our favourites when I discovered a ‘new one’.  The company that operates this new webcam also has others located in cruise ship ports – we often turn these on at the weekends to get our cruise fix which keeps us going until the time of our next sailing 🙂

Anyway this is the one I found:-


A 24/7 live streaming HD-quality Internet video broadcast produced by PTZtv.
Take a virtual field trip on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone and join us for some great views of the local wildlife in the State of New Jersey, USA.
You will see many deer — bucks, does, fawns — plus an assortment of squirrels, birds, raccoons, foxes and more.
Whatever your wildlife interests, we hope you find something interesting to watch.

Now these photos are screen shots from my iPad so not exactly the best, however they do give you an idea of what can be seen.  The advertising (a necessary evil) on the side bars is relevant to Australia (blame it on those cookies)  I suppose others would get some relevant to their own country – there is a little spot with the current temperature in the park which can be interesting at times!  Our day time is their night time so when we have been sweltering it has been rather cool there to say the least 🙂


Oh, and don’t let the times on these s/shots confuse you – the time at the top was our local time and that on the black border the local time in New Jersey; we are 16 hours in front so have to either tune in really early or really late to see daytime vision.

It does give you an idea of how many deer drop by for something to eat – is the young one in the first picture a bit wary of the squirrel? (who seems to want its fair share of the feed) or is it just the way it is standing?

Click on the gallery to enlarge

The camera is one of those ‘wizz bang see in the dark type’ so you are able to see whoever comes to the feeding place during the night.


I have no idea what that little animal is on the ground
But I do know one of my North American readers will 🙂

If you are interested there is also a F/book page
where readers discuss all the wildlife they have seen on the screen.

It’s possible many of you are already aware of this little spot in a nature reserve where some feed is left for animals to graze on – now I’ve discovered it I’m hoping it’s not going to be one of those ‘time wasters’ we all talk about.  So far it hasn’t been – it has been calming.  A chance to sit with a drink and just be, not do.

Do have a look and see how you feel
You’ll get a better idea watching it in real time than from my s/shots lol

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30 thoughts on “Nature Notes – seeing is believing……

  1. looks like a raccoon. Looks as though he is wearing a mask. They have VERY sharp claws and not that frightened of humans……..well all the ones I have encountered aren’t!!

    We used to get the odd deer at our old house.


  2. I used to watch a lot of web cams when they were quite poor quality but I am a bit out of the habit now. I do at times look at cruise ships at Port Melbourne. There was a good webcam in Nagasaki controllable by the viewer that was close to the dome wrecked by the atom bomb in 1945 and I also recall watching a web cam in an eagles nest as young eagles hatched and grew.


      1. I don’t miss the places so much. Now we go watch seals instead of deer and pick blackberries for the freezer instead of blueberries, etc. Nice to have new experiences and make new memories. I enjoy the challenge of finding our way and learning the Irish/island traditions. It is my children who pine for ‘those places’ as I recall the stories.


  3. My husband and I was watching the webcam and he said the little animal is a raccoon as you can tell by the black eyes. Thank you for the interesting site.


  4. Thank you for showing this new, to me, idea. I did check out the cruise ship link you sent me, it was very interesting for me. I guess if I google webcam they will show more of what is available.


    1. Hello PP – those webcams are great aren’t they. If you go back to the cruise cam link (the one i gave you) and look in the right hand corner you’ll find a drop down menu with other ports listed.
      If you are interested I’ll forward a link with other cities in the world. Will be fun to look at once the weather gets colder. Have fun on your cruise – we don’t have another one booked until April next year. Going up to FNQ this winter.


  5. The web cams are awesome, I agree. I keep a close ‘eye’ on one in my area … for bird activity. Sometimes at night when I’ve finished with dinner, I open the cam and find racoons!! lol

    Great post. I’m visiting today from your link left with Nature Notes.


  6. Great post and web cam captures.. I love all things involved with nature.. One of my favorite cams is at Yellowstone’s Old Faithful. You can see buffalo walking about sometimes. Visiting from Michelle’s Nature Notes, thanks for sharing! Have a happy day!


  7. Hello…. Nice to see what is going on in New Jersey as I have family there. I see they don’t have as much snow as we do right now. I find the young deer are easily frightened until they get really used to all the local wildlife. Here today, one took off running when a squirrel ran up the tree. Lovely post for Nature Notes…Michelle


  8. I have access to web com linked to the top of Norwich Cathedral in England with its eye on a Peregrine Falcon nest. Wonderful viewing. I often wonder if the birds get tired of us poking our noses in their business?


  9. Cathy thanks for this post! I forgot about sites like that. I used to watch one with an eagle nest when a storm (possible tornado or very high winds) took out the camera, it happened late in year Jr had already flown but all were still hunting and perching in area. When they redid it the next year the eagles nested on a different platform. I think storm blew away their nest so they moved. Next year they repositioned the camera and the birds didn’t return. I haven’t checked in years.


  10. We have raccoons who are rather accustomed to us and not terribly afraid. I love to watch the mama with the babies who run up the nearest tree when there is the slightest noise or movement.
    I only watch with any regularity one web cam: Sabal Palms Nature Center. You’ve given me some ideas for others.


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