A sign of things to come……….

With all the Hot Hot days last week – all I could think of was cold food, cooling drinks and air conditioning 🙂

Unfortunately a random thought did pass through my mind that it could be in as short a time as 4 months that these words on a sign just an hour from home could be very important to passing motorists 😦

Near Lake Mountain Victoria
Near Lake Mountain Victoria

Click here to see more signs at Lesley’s blog aptly named
Signs Signs

The Victoria Ski Season starts on The Queen’s Birthday Weekend
(6 – 8 June 2015)
and even tho’ there may not be snow at that spot it’s possible there will be traffic on that road

I’m sure there are times when thinking is not good for the soul lol


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    1. All in good time Gill – no point in wishing the days away. Mind you come June I’ll probably be doing the same to a certain extent 🙂


    1. Yes Jerry, your turn will come (sorry but you are going to have to wait until we’ve finished with it lol). Will you stay put for a while or move on to new pastures?

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  1. there was heaps of snow last year. I wonder if this year will be the same. I,mall for the colder weather. It’s not a good look for me to be naked and it doesn’t even help keep me cool!


        1. BIG storm – are we getting one? What do you know that I don’t?? Last I heard was that there’d be a possible t/storm and a bit of rain out in the east where we live with a high of 29c. Tell me more.


          1. Well maybe won’t get to your parts but we have a category 2 cyclone heading down the east coast, landing at Yepoon tomorrow morning approx. 4am and getting here, Brisbane, GC late tomorrow… 90km winds 400-500mm rain, 3metre waves, sounds quite dramatic…


            1. I remembered that later – not something to look forward to. Looks like Darwin and the Top End are in for it as well. I’m sure you made sure all was secured outside so now just stay safe PP


  2. ONe thing is for sure: the seasons change! Quite a few people in northern climes would probably not mind trading with you for a few days at least right about now. We’re in Florida, so actually there isn’t that much difference for us!


  3. I saw your pingback to Lesley’s, Signs Signs and all I can think of is a song from a rock group back in 70s or 80s, who did a song Called “Signs.” Have you ever heard that song?

    Also, one of the funniest signs I remember, was one which said “Don’t you even think about parking here.” Mainly because most people ignore parking signs around here. 🙂


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