Bench Series – Looking at Life in Black and White

The other week I posted some benches I had seen in a garden – this month I have some in Black and White or monochrome as others like to say.  I’m not too good at spotting situations where they show up more easily in B/W so here are some I like – even tho’ they might not be the best examples.

This little wooden one was at the foot of the escalators right by a car park exit door – just in the right spot for a weary shopper to collect their bags and thoughts together before leaving.


The rotunda in the big park at Mooroolbark has long benches – just right for families to shelter from the heat – or the drizzle that was coming down this day. 


A little covered area near the pond in Kilsyth – a favourite spot for family gatherings at the weekends. A good spot for picnics – Cool in the summer with shelter on rainy days.


This is ‘My’ bench, the one featured in the header picture above – the nearby shrubs have grown and the bench now has a more mature look about it.  Sitting on it makes you feel as though you really are in the bush and not in a suburban park.


If you pop over to Jude’s blog (Travel Words) you might just see some more in the Bench Series – February Black and White/Monochrome

And if you want to join in the Bench Series she has a list of monthly themes here.  

21 thoughts on “Bench Series – Looking at Life in Black and White

    1. This was a labour of love because I didn’t really know how they photos would turn out. Not good with photo enhancing so used the monochrome setting on my little point and shoot cannon then did just a smidgeon of lighting

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    1. Thanks Gigi – glad you liked them Sometimes we aren’t aware of how things look in a different form until we try looking (hoping you understand what I mean :))


  1. I’m trying to figure out what’s under the bench you call “my bench.”? Is that grass? Love the benches. Always a place to sit. And “Sometimes I sits, and sometime I thinks, and sometimes I sits and thinks.”


    1. Not grass Dianne but tan bark. A topping put on the ground around the base to stop the ground getting all messy and worn, it acts as a mulch on the nearby shrubs. I’ll do a post next week showing the bench as it is in it’s ‘green’ state


  2. I have fallen in love with the bench in your header – looks like a lovely spot to chill for a while. But the ones in Mooroolbark are pretty fancy! Lots of lines and patterns going on in the first image. Good benches Cathy 🙂


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