Look what I’ve done to your screen dear…

What on earth are you doing there?

Just trying something out!

Will you be long – I’d like to use the big computer!

Just finished – here you go!

What on earth ????

 Look, he says.  It’s great fun.

You can have this on there and that on the other one.


Oh look two Still Waters 🙂


 How on earth?

But how do I…..

Easy just click/hold your cursor on the tab at the top, drag it to the far edge
of the screen and it will appear on the other one.

Move your cursor over to the left edge and it also will appear on that screen.

What if……

Easy, just drag it back over.


The Golfer does have his reasons for setting this up this way

And yes it is fun – once you get used to it 🙂 🙂

BUT I’m sure that at times he does these things to try me lol

18 Replies to “Look what I’ve done to your screen dear…”

    1. Did mine for a while EC – then I realised it wasn’t as complicated as it looked. I only use the two monitors when I looking at web cams


  1. I suppose if someone has their blog set up in a certain way, you can refer to the post on the screen while you write a comment using the other screen. There must be a better reason.


    1. Thanks for the idea Andrew – it never dawned on me I could do that. The Golfer has arranged them that way to deal with some volunteer info he is concerned with in relation to the ICC World Cup. Makes it easier for him to see several ‘pages’ at the same time.


  2. Very smart! I have no patience with learning as long as I can get around to where I want to go I’m happy but the computers can do so much. Nice to know.


    1. Da, many of the icons are just shortcuts to different sites we visit – This way we can go straight to them without fiddling around looking for them in favourites. The Golfer likes to see any things he’s installed (e.g. google earth, adobe) and that seems to be the best place for them.

      We’ve had the desk for years now – believe it or not it was the cheapest one we could find at the time and has served us well. No drawers but enough shelves to carry all the bits and pieces we need without them being crowded. Of course it was tidy when I took the photo – you don’t think I’d display it in it’s usual state do you?? 🙂


  3. I can see the advantages, I just wouldn’t be able to process that in my mind though… I would move the wrong thing the wrong way that’s for sure!


    1. Even though they are fun to use Jerry, that’s the reason The Golfer installed the small spare one. He is doing volunteer work with the ICC World Cup and it’s allowing him to keep up to date with what’s going on at the other venues in Melbourne beside the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) You are right about having more screen surface seeming to be like having a larger work area. It means more info is there right there at his fingertips, he can have various ‘places/tabs’ open and quickly move from one to the other.

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  4. My husband is an IT for a bank and that 2 screen set up is normal for him. Me ..I don’t understand it, why do you need it and how can you be 2 places at once on the computer???


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