Monday Musings…

Here we are at the beginning of what I call the year proper.
Here’s a little bit of local news
with some links you might be interested in

The regular ABC breakfast and morning radio announcers have returned so all is well with the world as far as I’m concerned 🙂

Schools opened their doors after the long summer holidays,  Oodles of little 5yrs old are beginning their 13 year educational journey and there are reminders for drivers to remember this and slow down in school zones.

The Australian Open has been and gone – Serena won another title, Djokivic won another title, Murray seemed to choke again (bad court behaviour and blaming his opponent for his loss!!)

Following on from the good effort put in by ‘home boy’ Nick Kyrgios (who reached the quarter finals) Tennis ACT are appealing (online) for more funds to do more upgrades to the recently revamped Canberra Tennis Centre.  There is a lovely photo on the link of youngsters using the same courts as Nick did when he was a junior.

“It’s really about providing the best tournament experience to both the athletes and the spectators,” Tennis ACT CEO Ross Triffitt said.  “We’ve been able to secure some great international events through our contracts with Tennis Australia…… the upgrades are about ensuring that people have the best possible experience, that we keep them coming back and that we can secure these events on an ongoing basis beyond the three years.”

Here in Melbourne a new round of Alzheimer’s drug testing has begun – this time using patients who have been diagnosed as being in the early stages of the disease.  Seeing what it did to my aunt I welcome any advance in dealing with this awful life taker.

Still with ‘seniors’ there was another news report this week suggesting older drivers give up their ‘wheels’ and use public transport – or as they say ‘consider another form of transport’.

Older people should be encouraged to use public transport and other methods of getting around before they have to give up their driver’s licence, research from the Monash University Accident Research Centre has found.

And someone who maybe at 37 yrs could be called a senior in the road racing sport he loves, Cadel Evans after 20 years of international riding is retiring.  He took part in his last race yesterday – The Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race.  Lots of other seniors rode on Saturday in what was called People’s Ride – it was a sold out event and details are being taken for 2016 registration already!


People’s Ride

What’s going on in your part of the world this week?

17 thoughts on “Monday Musings…

  1. Yeap it’s been an action packed week. And now it’s February. Omg it will be Christmas again before we know it


  2. Thank goodness radio is nearly back to normal. Apparently we ABC radio listeners are very intolerant of change. I would put it that we like the best we can get.


    1. Only the best for us – yes Andrew – that’s the way I like it 🙂 I wouldn’t say I was intolerant, maybe know what I like and prefer to have it that way


    1. That’s good to know your mum still enjoys her sport GnG and makes the effort to watch it – tennis is one of those that you either like to watch or you don’t.

      I have to admit the games where the players just serve and belt the ball back over the net from the base line don’t interest me as much as those where they use all the skills and techniques they were taught – Serve Volley Slice Lob – unfortunately not many of them do these days 😦


  3. David and I watched the Australian Open. It was very exciting to see Serena beat Maria and Djokovic beat Murray. We noticed Murray’s fiancé in the stands. She is very pretty.


    1. Murray’s fiance might be very pretty Gigi but she got herself into an awful lot of problems with the press over swearing at his opponent in the semi finals. She forgot people can lip read!


    1. It looks like the sunshine fairy has changed her mind again and from tomorrow we are back to summer weather again, hooray!. There’s nothing worse than an on again off again summer – we are going to be in the high 20s and 30s c that is for the next week (80/90s f) hooray!

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    1. This has been the silliest of seasons this year – for some reason I didn’t enjoy it one little bit. This research sounds good – the professor from Caulfield spoke on the radio several days ago. He sounded very positive about this drug.


  4. I was interested to read the article about older drivers Cathy. At the moment we are carless, by choice and not intended to be forever, only whilst going through our present travelling phase. But we use bikes, walk and use public transport when at home. I certainly have to be more organised and plan ahead, building in extra time to get any where when using buses. Yesterday going to meet friends for lunch and a movie I was VERY annoyed when 2 buses just drove straight by the bus stop even though I was flagging them down. Why??? I don’t know…Another advantage of biking and walking is of course the fitness aspect and the money saved not having a car and all the expenses that go with it. I have read that you can save approx $10000 per year. More than paid for our cruise and trip to NZ… 🙂


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