Friday Fun – read about cruising…

Here’s a little bit of Friday Fun for you:)

I’m sure it’s not new to most of you that The Golfer and I enjoy cruising.  What could be better than turning up, unpacking and then seeing what the world has to offer with no more hassles except ‘what shall we eat today’ 🙂

The cruise line we favour (HAL) is owned by Carnival Corporation, as is Carnival Cruise Line, and it is a ship owned by CCL that has been getting lots of publicity all week. Some say cruising is just getting on a ship sailing somewhere and then getting back off again – oh dear no,  This ship is part of a cruise line that is so very different to the one we sail with.

With an Imax cinema, a large water park, a brewery as well as ‘flying bikes’ (a suspended bike track) on board I’m sure it will be tempting for younger adults and those with families.

Vista Water Parksource

Interested and want to know all about it – well you can find out about it in this article published in The Daily Mail:-

Or better still watch this video and see what the company is going to provide for any future customer:-


It’s not really my cup of tea – ‘cept I did like the look of what they are calling Havana staterooms.  Sort of like a balcony/verandah on ground level

Vista Havana Staterooms


Call me an old fuddy duddy but asked if I would sail on her – my answer would be ‘don’t think so’.  Bit too big for my liking (4000 pax), would probably be fun for half a day until the novelty wore off and Oh, just think of all those kids running around.:)

ps. these images are not real life but artists inpressions of how things will be.  The ship will not be launched until May 2016.

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15 thoughts on “Friday Fun – read about cruising…

  1. Very beautiful. You can certainly get lost but looks like fun. Lots to do even a jogging track. I think I could enjoy it for a week but not for two weeks.


  2. You have been having just as busy a year as I have, Cathy, but in different ways! Thanks for coming by today, it’s good to be back in the fold.
    My husband was chief officer on passenger ships but regretted never getting to your part of the world – he sailed mostly to Africa, India, Canada and US. The children and I loved going with him when we could but I don’t think I would like such a huge ship. We liked it best when all the passengers had left!


    1. Small to medium size Andrew – maximum 2000 pax. Most of the Holland America Line (HAL) fleet are in that range, the one we sailed on last year had 800, next year’s has 1900. Other HAL ships we’ve been on have ranged from 1200 – 1700 – If you want the big ‘giants’ with all the bells and whistles you need to look to other lines


  3. Very interesting Cathy and I was pleased to hear that HAL is your favoured cruise liner. We are dipping our toes, tentatively, into cruising in March, our first cruise and we are on the HAL ship Oosterdam. I definitely would not enjoy all the razz ma tazz on that super size boat. and I’m sure all the kids running around would get on my nerves. I’ve always liked adventure style, do it your own way type of travel, so will wait and see how I like the cruise style of travel.


    1. One of the only times I’ve been sea sick Gigi was on the way over to New Zealand and the return sailing across the ditch. The Tasman Sea is a real rough one – and showed its true colours those days.


  4. We had a pontoon boat once and I enjoyed it as long as I had my life jacket on. I don’t do water over my head. Prefer my travels on ground. (Didn’t fair too well with air travel either).


  5. After our Mediterranean cruise in fall, my husband is not so thrilled with cruising because he doesn’t feel he gets a true feel of the countries we were visiting. He’d rather take a land tour. Not as comfortable as a ship, but more in depth. I rather like the occasional cruise though.


  6. That Cruise looks like hard work, way too many people ‘noise & busy’ for me. I love people, but not a stadium full around me at every hands turn.


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