Through the window glass …………….

So here we are in Dunedin, another stop on our 2011 New Zealand cruise, ‘you must go and see the railway station’ we were told; it is a must see historic building that was opened in 1906 ans still used (albeit for tourist trains) today.  The exterior is fantastic and there are windows everywhere but the really special treat is inside

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1First thing I see in the foyer are these lovely archways on the wall that at first I thought were windows but they turned out to be the ticket office unglassed ‘window counters’ along with some benches in front.  Maybe Jude would like this one lol


Still in the foyer I noticed small paned windows in the doors leading outside as well as a balcony with a brightly coloured window on one end.

There in the middle of the balcony was a stain glassed/leadlight window – a window depicting mainly a locomotive (steam engine).  Very difficult to photograph that particular day because the balcony space opposite that would have given a better view was unavailable

Below the engine was the cipher/logo of the New Zealand Railways
with two heraldic lions on either side


 Just a fabulous thing to see – so realistic.
You could almost hear, smell and taste it thundering down the tracks 🙂


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  1. Haha, thanks for the link Cathy. I like the benches but I LOVE the building! Wow – stunning exterior and lovely interior too – and that train window! The Victorians really knew how to design.


  2. We saw the station in about 1984, and clearly we were foolish to not see the interior. The stained glass is just stunning. Thanks for showing us.


  3. This post is stunning Cathy, and very interesting for me as we stop at Dunedin when we go on a cruise in March and I have been Googling things to do on the day we are there. The railway station is on the list so it was good to have a review of it. Definitely a must see. What else did you do on your day in Dunedin?


  4. The architecture in some of these old public buildings is truly amazing. What beautiful pictures. How fortunate that this one has been preserved. The Union Station in St Louis is a similar beautiful building of a “by-gone era.”


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