Food Friday – Do or die day………

A review of the contents of the veg drawer in the fridge showed half a butternut pumpkin and some green beans that wouldn’t pass the cut on a dinner plate so it was do (in another form) or die day for them.

After a bit of rummaging in the spice and pulses dept I discovered all the ingredients for a meatless meal were actually in house.  No running up the street to the supermarket at the last minute – what you’ve never done that before:)

Does this image from the book looks a bit out of focus to you?  That or I need my eyes tested again.  The full recipe is scanned and then I took a snap but that one only looks slightly better – apart from the publication not having a good photo I’m wondering if our scanner screen needs cleaning??

Pumpkin Potato Lentil Hotpot
Pumpkin Potato Lentil Hotpot


No better!
No better!


























Voila – my version

My Hotpot!
My Hotpot!

When (for once) I actually used all the tabled ingredients (weighed and measured properly as well) I’m at a loss as to why my hotpot has a ‘redder’ look than the one in the book.  Maybe the tomatoes in my tin were riper than hers lol

I possibly could have chopped the veg a bit smaller – it had a rustic look on the plate; with some crusty rolls on the side to mop up the sauce, the taste was ‘Not Bad, Not Bad at all’ The Golfer said when he put his spoon and fork down and laid hsi hands on his rather full belly:)

I think this one might be a keeper! 
Have you had any surprises in the kitchen recently?

22 thoughts on “Food Friday – Do or die day………

    1. It tasty healthy Gigi – full of fresh with nothing processed (apart from the tomatoes) added, The Golfer will eat just about anything – apart from fresh celery. And there are ways and means to get round that – things he doesn’t even know about lol


    1. I wondered about steam – I had to discard a couple of my shots (and hope the camera was ok) after they turned out all misted up. A while ago I read about food photography being all about trick and lighting however this series of recipe books seems to be ‘truthful’ so I was surprised at seeing such a flop of a shot. Looking at it now I wonder if the veg was cut up really small and became a bit mushy, as potato and pumkin are wont to so after being cooked too long.
      Anyway ours tasted really good 🙂


  1. Hi Cathy, your title certainly grabbed my attention!! Glad it was only a wilting vegie drama.. good to have a laugh.
    I like your version of the hotpot – it looks much more appetising than the actual photo for the recipe.
    Yep, the hands on the belly at the end of meal certainly does signify a happy chappie.
    Red lentils are the only ones I like to use because the kind of melt don’t they. Definitely going to do a similar cook-up as you and thanks very much for the lovely post.
    Cheers now :D)


    1. Glad you enjoyed the post Susan – that’s just what was going to happen. Use it up or toss!!
      I think you could put any sort of veg in there along with the lentils and spices.


  2. This looks lovely Cathy and I am always throwing in veggies for soups and what-not when what I have in the fridge is a bit past it for the plate but still very tasty in another way. Thanks for this recipe, I’ll give it a go. Your comment to Gigi made me smile. Hubs does not like certain veggies, though he is good really on most of them, but spinach and broccoli is a big no-no. I am always finding ways to camouflage 😉


  3. I think the chunky look is a big improvement, I am a big fan of vegetarian Cathy so will have to try this one. At the moment I am experimenting with Quinoa, I believe it is classed as the new wonder food.


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