Seen on a Sunday #4

A couple of days ago Pommepal who blogs at Gypsy Life  had a post about benches which I commented on.  What she had actually done was reblog an earlier post from one of her other blogs, a post about benches – reblogging it (similar to reposting) to use in a meme on another blog highlighting benches.   Seems all the world loves benches 🙂

Benches – one of my favourite items to photograph.  The snaps I take of them don’t always turn out the way I want them to but they are usually reminders of places we’ve been and things we’ve seen.  Like these unusual shaped ones near the City to Sea Bridge in Wellington or the wide shaped wooden ones we saw in Vancouver while walking the False Creek Seawall.

Click on photos to enlarge

Wellington 2011
Wellington 2011


Vancouver 2010
Vancouver 2010

And just by chance I can now add another post to my earlier Seen on a Sunday series from a couple of years ago where I told you – well, what else but about some things I’d Seen on a Sunday lol

In the first one  – Seen on Sunday #1 – I mentioned benches we’d seen made from recyled milk bottles.  Look at what I found while trawling my travel photo folders from another year.

Seen on Sunday August 26th 2012
Near the Cafe on Flagstaff Hill Bowen
Far North Queensland

More of the Whitsunday’s Recycling Scheme

Whitsunday's recycling scheme

Recycled bench plus view of Bowen
Recycled bench plus view of Bowen,_Queensland

Two different styles of the bench this time – the simple one above and this one with formed back and small table structure in front.  Perfect place for your cool drink while taking in the view

bench with back
Flagstaff Hill bench back Bowen

Cafe and Lookout Flagstaff Hill Bowen FNQ
Cafe and Lookout Flagstaff Hill Bowen FNQ

Did you know

The energy saved by recycling one plastic drink bottle will power a computer for 25 minutes.

21 thoughts on “Seen on a Sunday #4

  1. There are a few days in Melbourne each year where it is very pleasant to sit on a bench in the sun, but usually it is too hot in many months of the year to sit in direct sunlight. Yet, so rarely are benches in a shaded space, normally in a wide open area with no shade at all. The Vancouver bench is an interesting shape. Getting onto might be easy. Not sure about getting up again.


    1. You’re right about having to pick the days when we can sit outside — even when we are in milder climates overseas we tend to sit in the shade. Quite funny at times, it can be a case of ‘pick the Aussies, no need to, they’re all in the shade’


  2. I love all then changes, the new header picture for each page…love it! It IS clever!

    I love benches too! Especially ones overlooking the ocean. Sigh and swoon!


  3. Love those views! Not many summer days when we want to sit out in the sun, I’ll bet that plastic gets just as hot as the wood ones. I would need a crane to use that one type. HaHa


    1. I’m sure it does get a bit warm at times – that material is good for the climate in Bowen. It’s in the dry tropics – warm and wet humid early in the year pleasant in the winter which is why it’s popular with Grey Nomads. Travellers trying to get away from their winters down south.


    1. Thanks for that PP – I’ll look through and see if I have anything I could use.
      The Golfer sort of gives an inward sigh if he see seats and benches when we are out and about – hang on a sec’ seems to be my catch cry 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Interesting benches, though I would not attempt the Vancouver variety. 😆 It is 1°C and I am looking out at snow falling… no weather for sitting on outdoor benches. 😦


    1. Eve I wasn’t game enough to try the Vancover one. We saw other benches like this in Calgary as well – must see if I can find them.
      Topsy turvy summer here this year – enough said!!


  5. I do like benches, our park has quite a few given by different people and inscribed with the name of a dead loved one. Never thought of taking photos, although I have of a couple in the park, will be more aware of that. I do think about where they are located and where some should be located and love it if I find a special one in a position that I like


  6. Wow! I never thought about taking photos of 1 subject on our vacations that would be the “memory” item for that trip. Your benches are cool. I take pictures of everything and in this digital age I now have thousands. When we take our vacation trip in June I will probably think of you if I notice an unusual bench. 🙂


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