Will I ? Won’t I ? Why do I?

Hot wet and humid
That’s been the week here and ‘they’ say theres more to come!
Good weather for slowing down and thinking about things 🙂

Like I do with lots of things around this time of the year I’ve been thinking about blogging.  Why do we do it ?  What reason would I have to spend time writing for a virtually unknown audience?  Longer post with lots of words coming up so you are at liberty to switch off it you want.

 I started at Blogger a  few years ago now, overweight and feeling down I wanted somewhere to jot things down (facts figures and feelings) so decided to blog rather than keep the paper journal I had going.   I even came up with a very catchy name – or at least I thought it was – ‘Cathys Capers’.  Then the group I was in contact with closed but I thought ‘what the heck, I’m here now’ and carried on writing.

I’m the kid at the back of the class that can’t stop talking so once the weight loss urgency had passed I began to chat about other things and it wasn’t long after that my corny blog name was changed to ‘Still Waters’ – which describes the way I am – looks cool calm and collected on the surface but below is a very different matter.

Certainly not a niche blog writing about one thing and one thing only and with certain readers in mind;  I would (and to a certain extent still do so) natter away to no one in particular with no definite audience in mind.  I started to read other blogs finding there were others who thought like me and seemed to share the same interests.  Some were good, some were bad (in my eyes) but more than likely just ‘different’.

I began to discover there were other ways to express your thoughts and display your ideas. Having the tagline ‘Live Love Laugh and Travel’ certainly meant I could cover a range of topics – which reminds me I haven’t posted an Irish joke for a while and have a post on Ephesus to finish!  Photographs began to appear then I got really clever and added videos.

Then the powers that be over at Blogger decided I couldn’t post – couldn’t even get into the blog – this went on for a while so  I moved over to WordPress.  Oh dear was that a shock to the system!  Nothing was the same!  Although I was able to import the old B Still Waters blog I did change the title a bit, – added my name so it now reads ‘Cathy @ Still Waters’ (kept the same tag line LLL&T because that’s my life and who I am ) so it’s similar and familiar but not the same.

Now you all know I’m not exactly a spring chicken (willing and able but sometimes a bit slow on the uptake) so it took a little while to find my way around, even now I’m still discovering things I can do – like embedding a google map if I so desire lol  Pages were something I added – About me, Books and Blogs – also Contact me which seems to be important because I’ve found there are quite a few readers who would rather email than comment.

And of course I had to decide on a new look – there are so many themes I nearly drove myself crazy trying them all out.  I ended up with Chateau – some might call it nice soft and safe but I like it and it seems to suit – all was well for a while, then I had the urge to change to another, wanted a bigger bolder look, and in the process lost all the little bits and pieces I’d arranged so nicely on the sidebar, got so annoyed I promptly changed back and returned to my previous look.  Bit like changing the furniture round the lounge room ‘cept that is a lot less stressful as there are no worries about widgets and sidebars 🙂

Will I continue – of course I will.  It might not be a frequently as before – I know, I know, I’ve said that before and then have come out with a spate of five posts one after the other but there’s a possibility that happened because I muddled up the scheduled dates:)  I seem to be reading (and following) more and more blogs than ever, those blogrolls on other’s sites are so tempting because you never know what you’ll find hidden away there.  I read, I write, I comment, I obviously connect because many come over to see what I have to say and then decide to stay.

And so it goes!

What about you?
What are the WWWWs of your blog?

(When Why Who What)

35 thoughts on “Will I ? Won’t I ? Why do I?

  1. My first post was – ‘I think I shall simply record all the things I do as I live my simple life. I cannot promise to put in everything. It depends if I have time. Let’s see how it goes.’
    When was 2009.
    Why was after I’d read Rhonda’s Down to Earth blog and rather enjoyed it.
    Who is me of course with bits of friends and family.
    What is whatever takes my fancy or comes into my head.


    1. Mum you’ve reminded me that I’ve not popped into Rhonda’s for a while now. Whatever takes your fancy certainly describes some of my posts lol I certainly enjoy your posts on simple living


  2. I’m glad your still here. I’ve followed you from blogger and still enjoy reading your blog. I also don’t post as I used to. But it’s ok. We do this for us no one else. But it’s nice to know someone is taking an interest. It really cool to go back and reread posts. It see how life was and what we felt. It’s also get for remembering exactly when did we do that. Or go there. It’s just a piece of me put on the web to share what ever I have with someone who might need that little something. Even if it just a laugh.


    1. Thanks for that Angela I didn’t realise you’d been around that long – doesn’t time fly 🙂 I certainly enjoy reading about how you are overcoming your recent difficulties and I’m sure you must be an inspiration for others


  3. Blogging for me is a way of talking. Mostly I am alone and it’s nice to think that someone is listening. I blog about what is on my mind and that’s why my blog is so varied. Sometimes, I will admit, I must be boring as milk toast. You get what I got. 🙂


  4. Blogging has been a blessing to me/for me. I find kindred spirits, I find new perspectives, I learn things, I laugh, I am shown beauty. Sometimes I weep with and for other bloggers.
    My introspective self copes with contact in the blogosphere much, much better than I do in real life. My world has been expanded and enriched.


  5. Enjoyed your thoughts on blogging, I just do it, I think I am a natural journal writer being very scheduled and comfortable with a routine. And I can think of lots of things to say usually when I am in a good frame of mind, unstressed.


    1. Hello Christine I always know you will have something interesting to add after your atwork. I’m beginning to think you must never be stressed as you never seem to run out of things to say lol


  6. I love entering into conversations with whoever has a story to tell or wants to listen to my rantings and ravings, anywhere, any time – at bust stops, at the teller machine, in the parking lot, in the queue at the pharmacy; so entering the world of blogging was like a dream come true.


    1. Thanks for dropping in Hester – blogging certainly is a boon to those who have ‘a tale to tell’ anywhere they feel like talking. PP was quick on the uptake wasn’t she – I must of read it previously and not noticed your typo lol
      btw do you blog in english at all?


      1. Hi Cathy, yes she was quick off the mark. On WordPress I have one English blog only https://genisondiet.wordpress.com/ about our dog, Genis, which started out as an advertisement page for our local business community website. Career wise I used to write manuals and training materials for a commercial bank for many years and when I retired, I decided to explore writing in my native tongue for a change.


  7. G’day Cathy, interesting post. I think we all get addicted to this blogging, I know I am. Mainly for the likes and comments and how over time a sort of cyber relationship/friendship builds up within our communities.
    The reason I started back in 2009, that seems so long ago, was to record our travel around Australia. I told myself it was to keep the family informed as to where we were. But guess what, family being family, they didn’t really bother, but the great thing was that others, complete strangers, did seem interested. So I just kept going. Things have changed a lot in 6 years. WP are constantly “upgrading” and when I just think I know it all they make adjustments. One of the good things now is the likes and comments are actively encouraged by our “Happiness Engineers” along with challenges, themes and the 101 series.
    So Cathy “let’s keep on blogging”


    1. Oh PP you are right about W/p – they just recently changed some things again. The dashboard isn’t quite the same although they do have a place where you can view the old one. I’m not too fussed about likes but always check to see if the little red light has comments lol
      I’ve slowly got to enjoy the community spirit in the blogging world – where else would you learn about house swapping as a means to travel 🙂


      1. Yes I still use the old dashboard the new one is not easy, or is it just that I resist change, maybe a sign of growing old Cathy.
        My latest find in the travel accommodation world is Airbnb. It is fantastic. Have you heard of it?


  8. Hi Cathy, I always like to know what you’re doing and thinking about! Mine has been going 3 years. I am a writerly type whose only chance for expression is currently work reports! And I lost interest in trying fiction or poetry, so I thought blogging would be an answer. Like another commenter, I kept a journal for many years, too. And my family and friends are not very interested in the blog. I have found more like-minded people online. For me, another reason to blog is that I don’t love Facebook and Twitter. I prefer reflecting on things and writing lots!


  9. I’ve just discovered your blog and you sound a lot like me. I started blogging to give myself somewhere to write my thoughts and feelings about things, but abandoned that first blog last summer after nearly 6 years, because .. well, if you pop over and read the first post of my new one, you’ll see.

    I thought I was going to change direction, but it doesn’t seem to have happened. I’m glad I started a new one though. It feels like a new beginning, and I kind of feel rejuvenated. What is sad is that so many of the blogging friends I had before have abandoned their blogs too and have simply disappeared.

    I suppose that’s why I’m making an effort to look for new, interesting blogs to follow!


    1. Yes jay I know the feeling of ‘losing’ internet friends. Thanks for dropping in and commenting but unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to get to your blog. There is no link via your name.


      1. I’m having trouble commenting on several blogs lately with my proper link because there’s no way of commenting as ‘URL + name + email’. I’m trying to distance myself from Google because of the tracking thing, and almost signed up for Disqus except that they seem to be worse!

        You can find me at The Sparking Synapse: http://www.sparkingsynapse (dot) com


        1. Actually, if you click on my Gravatar, you should get offered a link to my blog. All three of my web addresses are in there, Sparking Synapse at the bottom right. 🙂


  10. Love your blog. I also started with a practice blog on Blogger but it had its limitations, so I switched to WordPress. Although a different feel it is very user friendly.

    Definitely don’t give up blogging, Can’t wait to read more 🙂


    1. I doubt I’ll give up LadyA – might cut back a bit though. There’s loads to read in the arcives and somehow there’s always a little something I need to add to them lol


    1. Thats the problem with commenting Dianne – I’m the same. Your comment has landed on another post that I have been lax in replying to.
      It’s strange when different names crop up in the reader – you begin to wonder who on earth they are lol


  11. I’ve been blogging for ten years. I started at Live Journal, went to Blogger, then settled at WordPress. I change my theme whenever the mood strikes and my topics are just off the top of my head/life. I’ve lost loved ones over things I’ve written (thin skinned bitches) and I’ve made some INCREDIBLE a friends through it. This past year has been light on content because I’ve been so busy, and I’m always convinced that my writing from years ago was better, but I just share my life, as wacky as it is. That’s all.


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