Is this really what you want to see…….

Good Friday is in 12 weeks – do we need to see these in the shops already?

hot cross bunsSome might – I certainly don’t

They are there whether you like it or not

Are they really going to last that long?

Somehow I don’t think so


You do wonder what preservatives may have been used.

13 thoughts on “Is this really what you want to see…….

  1. Oh, good grief! I have to agree with you there – I wouldn’t be buying them unless I was just going to eat them now… Sometimes, people just get carried away…


  2. No, I don’t want to see these, just like I don’t want to see Christmas decorations the week before Halloween! The only way to combat the commercialization of the holidays is to NOT BUY these things. (Not that I have an opinion on the matter… 🙂


  3. Considering Easter is a religious holiday you would think those that still practice their religion would be observing lent and I know in the greek religion we are supposed to fast for the six weeks before Easter so you can’t eat these. No use buying something you can’t eat. I wonder how they figured they should be sold now. Consumerism is now the major religion and as long as I can make a dollar I will. Don’t like it at all!


  4. One of our local supermarket has valentine chocolates out and Easter things out already. I know chocolate has gone up in price but really this early????


  5. In spite of those of us with a ‘mature outlook on life’ not approving, they sell and sell very well and make people think about Easter eggs and buying them.


  6. I saw Christmas stuff before Halloween. And Valentines was on shelf on Dec 26! Makes you want to stop “celebrating” holidays and turn into a Scrooge. Bah hum bug!


  7. No, I don’t want to see them, any more than I want to see Christmas goods appearing in October, or Easter eggs popping up on the shelves as soon as Christmas is done with, but nobody asked us, did they?

    And I often wonder what preservatives they use in these things. I do rather like hot cross buns though.


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