On again – Off again

Honestly you can’t say there’s no variety in the weather here in Melbourne.  We hung out waiting for summer during its on again – off again period before Christmas and now it’s warmed up it’s still on again – off again.  Warmish one day, scorching the next, cold enough one night to be scrambling around pulling a blanket up when the cool change came through 🙂 We’ve been promised rain for the next few days, seemingly more than we’ve seen for a while which is good. The garden is going to love it – might not be good for my walks though.

Since Christmas I’ve been good with the walks and have even made it to the gym a couple of times.  Putting a new program into action there using ‘stretchy bands’ instead of the equipment; much easier on the mind because they do the same (or similar job) with me not having to remember which machine to use lol  The ‘fun to be at’ water classes start again soon as well as Pum’p so maybe I’ll be back to being trim taught and terrific in the near future!

Am I committed?

Yes but it would appear only on my terms – I popped out for a quick walk up the road very early this morning on the shady side of the road and told myself that weather shouldn’t come into it as far as exercise is concerned – but we all know I’m kidding myself on that one.  I have come to the conclusion that thinking and telling myself I have to do something when my hearts not in it doesn’t so anything for me and that’s when I give up.

Of course there is another reason for me chiding myself over this- we are talking and planning our 2015 winter time away from home.  No overseas jaunts this year (saving that for next April) this year we’ll go back to the Sunshine State for a few weeks where The Golfer can golf  and I can walk the beach and enjoy just doing nothing.  Yes I know that’s what we do most of the year but it’s so much nicer to do it there 🙂

The fitness part comes into it because we are going to drive up there via The Red Centre, that is from here (Victoria) across country to Coober Pedy to pick up the Stuart Highway in South Australia and make our way up to Tennant Creek in the Territory (which we’ve done before) turn right and drive up to Townsville along the Barkly and Flinders Highway (now called the Overlanders Way) From there we’ll come down south a little and end up in Bowen which is just 2 hours south of Townsville and 2 hours north of Mackay.



So it quite a drive, there’s a few things we really want to see – Kings Canyon (which is near Uluru – Ayers Rock) being one of them.  Last time we were in the Territory the road up there was unmade and as it was a bit wet at the time The Golfer wasn’t too keen on getting bogged – it was his car we were in and from past experience ‘having words with each other’ isn’t a good way to travel when you are so far from home. 🙂 Since then the road has been made so we are good to go…. Or least we will be come July!

But it’s not just a case of turn up and all will be revealed

The Rim Walk begins with a challenging 500-step climb. But it’s worth every step. Upon reaching the summit, you will marvel at the breathtaking views of Watarrka National Park and into the canyon itself before descending into the green oasis of the “Garden of Eden.”

KC View


Now if I’m to climb those steps and do a 4 hour hike to take in that view – which I’ve set my heart on doing – I’m certainly going to need to be fit – well fitter than I am at the moment lol

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  1. Good luck. I hope you can achieve it. Me I don’t like steps much. So I’d give it a miss. I and a great view from the flight we took over the bungle bungles. A much nicer way to see me thinks lol you go girl!


  2. What a trip. Beyond me, but good luck. Lots and lots and lots of photos please. Pretty please.
    I would love to see Uluru, and Kakadu, and rather a lot of other places up there…


    1. I still have vivid memories from our last trip to the Top End EC – it is all they say it is. Was a few years ago now so I’m really looking forward to this years venture.


  3. Love the pics. I would love to see this in person even if I have to drag my old decrepit body up there.


  4. Lovely scenery! I know for sure I wouldn’t dare try to climb that high but it would be breathtaking. Something to look forward to for sure.


  5. I walked today with a -24C wind blowing in my face. I’d have cried but I was afraid of freezing solid. I’d love to live somewhere that weather was steady year-round!!


  6. Well I am impressed Cathy, I am still at the thinking stage of “I really should get up and go for that walk before it gets too hot” stage. I make the excuse of the hot, humid weather, but as you say that shouldn’t come into it. Now Jack has got me, almost, talked into going to the local pool with him!!!! I MUST get fit before we start travelling again.
    I still have the red centre top of my must see list along with Coober Pedy. Had it planned 2 years ago but due to a van malfunction (the gear box collapsed) had to turn off at 3 Ways and head the short????!!! way home, limping along with no reverse gear for 500 kms.


  7. Yes, definitely have to be in the mood to walk. Changing routes sometimes works… as I know you do from your previous posts.
    If you’re not up to required fitness in time for your trip… a few days into it and you’ll get into the swing of things.
    Bit envious at where you’re going. We loved those days of getting around that area in our bus. Once up there, that big blue sky, the red dirt and those ghost gums just blow you away don’t they! :D)


  8. Hi Cathy – thanks for following my blog. Our daughter is visiting Melbourne at the moment & has been reporting in amazement the weather you’re having (a UK obsession anyway, as you probably know!) She’s also hoping to visit the red centre & east coast while she’s in Oz. Hope you make it! Sue


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