Greeted me like an old friend…….

Like most pampered pets Keira likes thing just so – especially when it comes to toiletries.  So I pick up her special ‘toilet preparation’ in the form of a paper litter from our local Fodder/Feed Shop.  Nice place, clean and tidy with a special country feel to it which is surprising because it’s set on a main road here in the outer eastern suburbs

27And I’m sure you all remember Zoe – the resident black and white Border Collie at the Fodder Shop
Zoe – whos favourite spot is up high where she can keep and eye on things and see all the comings and goings.

Do you mind I'm restingI see you

When I was there a few weeks ago she greeted me at the car door like an old friend 🙂

May I help you

She toodled off to the shop door and with a quick bark looked for service.  The girls were in the upstairs room -there are windows up there (see first photo) and with the aid of a ‘buzzer’ can see (and hear) people and cars walking/driving into the ‘shop’. Don’t you just love Zoe’s portrait on the wall!

Shop !!

When she ‘stood’ up at the front of the cash counter I thought she was going to pay for me – she was just trying it on and was after a treat lol

Could we have some service here please

I was in the other day and she was nowhere to be seen – but look what I did find running around in her place.  The resident rooster and his free range girls having a dig around in the dirt out the front of the store.

Fodder shop
Me and my ladies

Zoe had better be careful –
there’s a big striped chook roaming around in there (which I think is called a Barred Rock) that looks set to take over her spot lol

Off we go againThirsty work





No matter how I feel when I drive in I can always be sure i’m smiling and feeling good when I drive out.






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  1. I wish we had a place like this. I love Zoe, what a sweet dog. It would be fun to have the chooks running around too. Love chooks! Happy New Year to you Cathy 🙂


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