Behind closed doors….

Where are you going to my little friend?

i’m going to the shopping centre I replied.

Have fun he said 🙂

So a couple of weeks ago I braved the crowds (which weren’t all that bad) and pottered around – just looking for who knows what.  Nearly time to go home and I made a quick visit to the ladie’s.  That’s when I began to wonder if more of these were installed in our public conveniences here in Australia for those of our very multicultural population who are happier to use them


Squat toilet
A squat toilet (also known as an Arabic, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Iranian, Indian, Turkish or Natural-Position toilet; or Nile pan) is a toilet  used by squatting, rather than sitting.

we might not have to have signs like these on the back of the doors!

To squat or not to squat

What are your thoughts?

8 thoughts on “Behind closed doors….

  1. I dont like them but I think maybe you need to be a user from a young age to ever like them. And I do understand the benefits etc having read upon the subject. First time I took my husband to Paris I remember out and out shock from him at the loo’s.
    I love my’ English plumbing’ no matter which country it is in!


  2. Err, are you saying there is one at your local shopping centre?. In my experience they are horror toilets and always filthy. Maybe with a life time experience of squatting, you can still do it at 80, but most people can’t.


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