Clearly confused……….

What do you think when you see a snowman standing on the side of the street in Singapore?  Well I thought he was clearly confused – but no there was a big smile on his face.  Obviously he was happy to be there on a hot humid day with temperatures about 30c/85f oblivious of the fact he could be water on the side of the street at any moment lol

Singapore snowman
Can you see the smiles on the faces of my snowmen listening to the song ‘I’m dreaming of a white Christmas’ that was coming from the radio on Christmas morning?  They also were oblivious to the sunshine outside that would have them making a puddles on the windowsill – which I might add is the place they seem to congregate each time I bring them out of hibernation lol

~ Clearly confused ~
~ Clearly confused ~

Did you know a book has been written about the history of snowmen?

Did you know the latest largest snowman is actually a snow woman who was calle d Olympia ??

Did you know that Wikipedia has a page dedicated to the snowman?

They are funny little things I love to see and would even say I prefer them to Santas – just don’t want real ones in my back garden at Christmas time 🙂

 And does anyone know what a group of snowmen is called?



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  1. Seems funny that you would have snowmen for Christmas. Kinda not fair really. You should have a bush sculpted as one or something…


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