T’is the season……….

It would appear from all the sales on the go this day after Christmas Day
(Also known here in Australia as well as other various countries as Boxing Day)
T’is the season to go shopping.

And this is a very timely fact
Is that a smile or a grimace I see on your face 🙂

Shopping days until Christmas

6 Replies to “T’is the season……….”

  1. Yesterday – before noon, someone must have accidentally ran the ‘day after Christmas sale’ ad on the TV. Yes, that particular store was still open.
    All I could think of was that they just can’t let one thing be over…


  2. No way ! Gift giving is not a big thing with our Christmas. Just being together
    for a meal is all I wish for. We buy when we need things. Too commercialized
    today. The entire meaning of Christmas can be lost if gifts are the focus. My
    opinion only.


  3. I hate shopping in December, period. I had to do lots of my shopping in December this year and never again. By the time Boxing Day rolls around, I’m so sick of it all, I wouldn’t dare go shopping.


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