Keeping the tradition alive…………..

‘And what tradition would that be?’ I hear you ask

Taking the children into the city to look at Myer’s Christmas Windows
(Myer is a large department store in Bourke Street)

Windows dressed for the Christmas season
With a new theme each year

Fun for the young

Myer's windows 1

Myer's windowsMyer window









And for the not so young

Myer 2014

They are lit from morn to dawn (7.30am – 1am)

No children with me last week but we had fun just the same
Lovely to look at – difficult to photograph!

The large reflected buildings are on the other side of the road
And do you see who I see 🙂

Hello me!

What sort of things are traditional festive outings for families in your town?

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12 Replies to “Keeping the tradition alive…………..”

  1. Wonderfully decorated windows and love the reflections too! There is nothing like that in our little burg. I haven’t checked out “Old Town” decorations. 😦


  2. None now….we used to go see the boat parade of lights while our friend Duck was alive. Lately we have just been driving around the neighborhood….I need pictures of our local excesses. Just lovely there.


  3. When I was a kid, the Myers Dept store in Greensboro was the sight to see at Christmas time, followed by dinner at the S&W cafeteria where I always selected the strawberry shortcake. Unfortunately, around here all the grand dames of department stores downtown are gone. We have only the chain stores, some of them like Macy’s are large, but always located in a huge shopping center. Thus, we do most of our shopping online.

    Nevertheless, I enjoyed your excursion to your Myers store. Children make all the difference.


  4. We always drive round the suburbs on Christmas Eve to look at the lights, the trees, the decorations that people have put up. Always a treat.
    I think it started originally so my mother (who never came) could wrap Christmas presents, but it is a tradition I am happy to continue.


  5. Certainly brings back childhood memories Cathy. Lovely to see they’re continuing with the tradition.
    Things in windows are really hard to photograph… you’ve done a good job :D)


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