And room for a pony………….

It certainly seemed possible in the hotel room I slept in last week 🙂

Christmas and Birthdays come but once a year and my Mother taught me to never turn you nose up and always say Thank You for the presents received.  An overnight stay in the city isn’t something we often do – well it seems daft when you are only living an hours drive away – but a gifted overnight at Crown Towers near Southbank was something I certainly wasn’t going to turn my nose up at lol


I’m not normally amazed by hotel rooms – so I was pleasantly surprised because our room had a great modern look about it minus the cold and unwelcoming look that ‘modern’ can have at times.   Anyway I was surprised enough this time to take photies lol



IMG_95945 (2)

With a huge bed – More than one chair – A great view from the window – Self regulating air conditioning – and an enormous walk in area for clothes.  What wasn’t there to say Thank You for











 And wait there’s more 🙂
So like all females an interstate friend asked ‘What was the bathroom like?’
Shower over the bath – toilet squeezed in alongside
Crummy hard towels ??

Actually it was a case of ‘Mirror Mirror on the wall’ there were so many of them lol.  Entering through double glass doors all I saw to begin with was the TV over the bath and chandeliers above the hand basins.  The toot and the shower were in their own glass door enclosures on one side along with a bath about 10 foot deep on the other.  All this complete with enough cuddly towels and toiletries to wash and dry an army!










Yes I would say ‘big enough for a pony’
although I think you might have a job getting one into the lift 🙂

Oh, a little question
Do all men do this?
Make sure the tv is working as soon as they put down the luggage?


(Posted for V who is looking for a place to stay when she visits Melbourne next year)

10 thoughts on “And room for a pony………….

  1. My sister stayed there a couple of years ago and her room looked very similar. I liked the tv in the bathroom but there were so many lights switches and lights…very confusing. I don’t go straight for the tv, but my partner does.


  2. Lovely place to stay! Definitely room for a pony!
    I believe one should worry if your man didn’t check out the TV and it’s remote.
    We have been known to change rooms because of the TV situation.
    (Romantic, eh?)


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